If you ask me, nothing is better than waking up to the soft sunlight peeking through your bedroom window, as you lay curled up in the most luscious pillows and blankets. Or taking that first stretch in the morning, when your feet touch the soft rug beneath your bed. Or maybe the smell of the fresh lavender candle that you lit, as you enjoy reading your favorite book? Doesn’t this all just sound so… cozy! Yes! Real talk guys, cozy is in, and it’s time to start creating a cozy aesthetic for the most relaxed space in your home… your bedroom! I know I know, you must be thinking Meg it’s the middle of summer, cozy is not part of our vocabulary just yet! But why not? Cozy is in, it’s always in, and it’s time to make some changes. Rather than embracing this heatwave, let’s embrace the sense of warmth and wholeness that comes with being cozy!

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One of the easiest ways to transition into a cozy aesthetic is by propping your bed up near a window. Of course, depending on your room configuration, and if it allows space for this, moving your bed by the window will instantly give your space a cozy vibe with doing very minimal decor work. Putting your bed, or even a chair, by a window will bring the coziness of the room to the next level because it allows you to look through the window and see the natural elements of the outdoors. Embracing the natural elements like the warmth from the sun, the light from the moon, or the slow fall of leaves in the fall, will bring the outdoors, in,  all while creating an openness and more airy feeling for the room. Makes you want to curl up with some blankets, doesn’t it?


I think it goes without saying that blankets and coziness go hand in hand. I mean the softness, the security they provide, and the warmth that they give, all create that cozy aesthetic that we crave. But there’s a way to add blankets that will not only make you feel cozy but give the room some cozy decor as well. Layered blankets are key here because layering gives a very natural element of comfort and cozy. With this, using blankets as a throw over your footboard, or on an accent chair, also give a very cozy vibe, while drawing your attention to the softer elements of the room.


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A cozy room calls for soft materials. Whether you want to add some throw pillows or if you want to add a rug to the space, the softer the material the better! Incorporating materials like cotton, flannel, velvet, fleece, sherpa, faux fur, and wool elements as part of your decor and throughout the space, will literally embrace all that cozy has to offer. Between your curtains, rugs, blankets, and sheets, you have so many options to incorporate some awesome soft materials that will instantly bring some coziness to the space. When it comes to a rug, adding a shag or wool, and even layering the rugs, will be purposeful and decorative, as it not only looks cozy but gives your feet something nice and soft to walk upon. Adding cotton window treatments, whether it’s curtain or shades, will also create a very natural and soft vibe for the space. That being said, if you want to create some true softness to the room, the bed is the place to focus on!


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I mean when we think bedroom, the bed is obviously the most important part, and because of that, in order to create some coziness, your bed has to be one of your focal points! When adding elements to your bed, imagine what you would wear if you were cold – that will help you create that cozy vibe. Layers and layers are definitely where you should start! Start with the sheets first, the ones that make you want to fall right to sleep, add a blanket and down comforter atop it, and then your actual comforter or bedspread on top of that, and then to really top it off… adding a big, chunky cable knit sweater as a throw on the beds edge is something that I love! It just screams comfy cozy! Besides this, comfy pillows are a must! Eventually I’m going to write a pillow guide for the bedroom for y’all, so look out for that, but for now, a good rule of thumb is to have at least two different sized pillows for each side of the bed! Learning how to tuck your sheets in when making your bed, will give you that tucked in, under the blankets feeling, that makes us want to shut the light, curl into bed, and sleep in the next morning.


To make the space have the ultimate cozy aesthetic, lighting plays a huge role! Adding side table lamps, a standing lamp beside a chair, or overhead lighting, all will play key roles in the comfy level of your room. When you think of lighting and being cozy, always go with warm-toned and soft white lightbulbs. Want to feel extra cozy? Adding some Edison bulbs into the space can actually make a big difference! Also, adding a few different lights in your room that you can turn on and off one at a time will help the vibe, as each light kind of has its own purpose depending on the time of day and mood you are in!


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Some last finishing touches to create the ultimate cozy space would be to add some candles that remind you of relaxation, and calmness, or even adding an essential oil diffuser that you can start up before you go into bed, so that when you enter, you instantly feel cozy and at peace. Whatever it is, I think we can all agree that it’s time to add some coziness into your space, and I promise that incorporating some of these tips, will make your bedroom the coziest space in your home! Of course, cozy is a mindset, because if you’re like me, coziness is lounging with Joe and the kiddos, and our pup. And although that’s definitely enough for me,  it’s not a bad idea to add some decor that will guarantee that cozy feeling when you need it the most. Enjoy and stay cozy! 

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