Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree … Yes, it’s that time! Y’all you know here at MegMade we love a good statement piece, but this time, we’re giving you statement piece vibes with your Christmas tree! Christmas is approaching, and many of us are going to be decorating within the next few weeks, and the question of the day here is – what is your Christmas tree going to look like? Many of us go traditional, which I like, and we hang our favorite ornaments from year to year – but for those of you who love to change things up, and trim your tree with extra care for an interior element – then this blog is for you! Here are some of the top trends this year for Christmas tree decor!

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Flocked Tree

Flocked trees are definitely popping up for the last few years, but y’all it’s finally been fully embraced. Flocked trees give that snowy vibe, that literally screams Christmas. For those of you on the West Coast, these trees are just an absolute must! A flocked tree is very monumental, and will definitely bring a statement. What’s so great about these trees, other than the fact that they are beautiful, you’ve already got a white airy accent built it, which means, pairing it with specific colored decor like red & green or mauve would look amazing!

Moody Christmas

Okay, now, I’m not the biggest fan of this, even though I do love my moody decor from time to time, but, it’s in y’all, and maybe it’s for you! I’m assuming this widespread moody decor trend is taking it’s way down into Christmas. I mean, where’s the holly jolly in that? But anyway, no matter the reason, these black trees actually look stunning if done correctly! Having a darker shade tree will immediately bring statement vibes to the space. If you have like color walls guys, it will literally look amazing. It’s going to be that pop that you’re home needs while giving some contrast, leading your eye directly to it. If you’re going with some black this year, make sure to add pops of color in the decorations, but they don’t have to be your basic reds! Going in with whites, golds and silvers are enough to make this black tree complete. If you’re not one for color (as you are going in with a black tree – but no judgment here) go in with some dusty paler colors to truly bring some moody vibes into the space. If black trees are just not you’re thing, but you still love that moody vibe, going in with a darker green natural-looking tree and adding dark navy, burgundy, and some pale-colored decor will still give you moody without the black.

Luxurious Tree

Now we’re doing the opposite. It used to be that there was always that one family who put up a white Christmas tree, and we all knew who they were! It was like this foreign idea to see a white tree in someone’s home, but now it’s being fully embraced in all homes! White trees are a thing y’all, and they truly are beautiful and bring some serious luxurious vibes. And when I think luxury, I think draping! Draping some sparkly garland, and trimming the tree with bright metallics and things that shine, will literally bring out the finer things in life y’all, giving your Christmas tree all the best.


Okay, I’m not trying to be repetitive here, but it’s just what the people want this year guys! Black and white decor on a tree are completely where you have to start if you’re into trendy Christmas trees. Whether you’re adding some plaid checkered black and white ribbon, or meticulously placing ornaments so that they are in the black and white pattern, black and white is in y’all and will definitely look amazing! If you’re doing this trend, adding some pops of green here and there will literally bring black & white holiday vibes to the next level.

Farmhouse Christmas

Okay, the last few years, this has been everything y’all – so of course, it makes sense that our trees still embrace the trend. Going in with some burlap bows, some galvanized & wooden ornaments, and even a galvanized tree skirt is what will make your Christmas tree farmhouse ready! Farmhouse decor is usually very neutral, but with a pop of color here and there, so if you’re taking this trend by storm, make sure to add some bright reds, blues, or even yellow into the tree to make it complete. 

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