Crystal’s Eclectic Bedrooms Tour

M Lindsay PhotographyWe’ve been looking forward to sharing this house tour with you. Crystal is our in-house interior designer and her house is a beautiful representation of her work. Today we are just highlighting her master bedroom and her girls’ bedroom, but we will reveal the rest of her home in the weeks to come!

M Lindsay Photography

Crystal’s master bedroom is so unique. She’s created a lovely neutral base of white, wood, and gold. Visual interest here comes from the rich textures used, like in the white bedspread and the deep red oriental rug. The awesome starburst chandelier and the live edge clock introduce asymmetrical shapes amid a foundation of straight lines.M Lindsay PhotographyCrystal has spectacular attention to detail, making her home unique and vibrant. She’s got a green thumb, which helps too! It’s easy to miss some of the beautiful details on display in this house. For instance, in the picture below, you might not notice the two ram heads coming out of each side of the lamp at first. This home is full of surprises!M Lindsay Photography

Crystal’s two daughters, Brianna and Alina, share this spunky room. It’s incredible how colorful this space is, even though the walls, bedside table, and bedspreads are mostly white! This design will be great when the girls get older and want to change things up. The whole room could be transformed with different pillows, lamps, and wall art. M Lindsay PhotographyM Lindsay PhotographySo much color is introduced through these two amazing Moroccan rug panels Crystal found on Etsy. She uses them as spectacular headboards for these two twin beds. There is fearless pattern mixing going on here too. Note the black and white striped rug with the more abstract, muted stripes of the bed blankets near the very abstract lines and bold color of the panels…..and it WORKS! Crystal has such a good eye for how to put different patterns together without overwhelming or clashing. M Lindsay Photography

Almost every new element that is introduced in this room is repeated somewhere. The wire horse statue on the dresser repeats the geometric wire lighting fixture on the ceiling. The gold outline of the dresser reflects the gold framing on the gallery wall shown above. The rug, bed blanket, and tapestries are all constructed of stripes. This practice helps to create cohesion amid eclecticism. M Lindsay Photography

We love this family! If you’re interested in working with Crystal, she will come into your home for an hour consultation and for $350, she will give you beautiful design boards that you can choose to then source through her, or bring to life yourself! Contact her here!

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