Crystal’s Modern Eclectic House Tour: Part II

“I think every room should have a little unexpectedness.” -Crystal Blackshaw

We are so lucky to have Crystal on our team here at MegMade. She is truly one of the best designers in this city. I had a chance to chat with Crystal about her style, process, and experience being an interior designer. M Lindsay Photography

MM: When did you first know you wanted to be an interior designer? 

Crystal: My first recollection of wanting to make my space pretty was when I was five. I would rearrange my bedroom, pulling everything out into the hallway and putting back one thing at a time until it was perfect. My mom would be astonished that I could move a twin bed all by myself. I would ask for house plants from Home Depot for birthdays. It was always in me somehow.

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MM: What is your favorite part of the design process?

Crystal: My favorite part about the design process is the creativity and imagining what the space could be. I want a room to make people feel differently. I think interior design is about exuding a feeling, creating a space that not everybody can create, that’s different and unique. I like that challenge.

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MM: How would you define your personal style?

Crystal: At the moment it’s eclectic modern. I personally gravitate towards one-of-a-kind pieces. I love things that are reimagined- taking something that we already recognize and making it a little different. I’m not a fan of buying from a big box store. I like going out into the world and locating a unique item. It gives me that high.

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MM: So where do you find these one-of-a-kind items?

Crystal: I’m always looking through magazines, blogs, websites. I go out in the world and take notice of what I like, then try to remember where I found an item, who made it, and where I could find it again. For instance, on Etsy, I have my sources I purchase from many times. They always have something similar to what I found first. In Chicago, I have particular store sources that are always evolving, every time I go back its something new. Vintage garage and Randolph Street Market are great places to go- you find things people have hung on to for decades. I want those pieces because you can’t find it at West Elm or Home Goods. I think every room should have a little unexpectedness. After I do an install, I’ll go through with the client and tell them the story of each piece. I bought a ten-foot toboggan last week and the vender had a great story about who used it and when. I told my client, and now she knows why that feeling is there when she enters the room.

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MM: What’s your ideal Saturday?

Crystal: My family going to a flea market and then going out to lunch at a café or restaurant we’ve never been too. I love nature, so going to the botanical gardens in the summertime is another favorite. I live right next to the lake, so we go on walks all the time. I’m from Portland, Oregon originally so I always want to be near the water.

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MM: What is your interior design process like?

Crystal: It starts with a consultation. This is just a conversation between me, the client, and the house. The spaces speaks to me. It has a certain je ne sais quoi. I look at their pets, their children, what they’re wearing, what they already have. It all informs the design. Then, I go back and design inspiration boards to show them what is in my head. The cost of the consultation and boards is just $150/room with a two room minimum. This part of the design process helps to ensure my vision is communicated well and we are both on the same page. Once we come to a concept they love, if the client hires me to source it, then I start my hunt using the internet, vintage stores, markets, through MegMade. I try to take the pressure away from the client of having too many choices. I whittle it down as much as possible. Once I’ve gathered most of the pieces for the room, I will do the entire installation in one day, so you get the total transformation all at once!M Lindsay Photography

We obviously highly recommend Crystal’s design services…we are happy to share her with you. Her home is a great testament to what she is capable of, but to see more of her work, check out her website at or contact her for more info here!

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