Custom Color Choices that are #Worthit

Around here, we have about 15 colors we carry in-house. Those colors, listed here, are what we have found to be the biggest crowd pleasers. But sometimes, you don’t want what the crowd wants, you want a really bold piece or something really unique and different. Don’t worry, we gotchu. We can color match any color from any deck for a $50 up charge to cover the cost of the gallon of paint. Now that can be tricky, to have that many options. So, we thought we’d share some bold color choices we’ve loved.

Benjamin Moore Forest Green

Often, the piece itself inspires the finish. For this 9-drawer dresser, we really wanted to highlight the amazing grain details on the drawers, so we decided to stain them. We chose this very light walnut stain and paired it with BM Forest Green for some good contrast. This color is somewhere in between green and blue. It’s really rich and makes a great statement on a piece!

Farrow and Ball Pelt

This color was being done on a customer’s piece and so we had extra to do on a small piece. This bar cart was such a fun one and this dark purple really brought out the brass details. For a small piece like this, it’s fun to introduce a pop of color. It’s not so big that doing a bold color will overpower the space.

Farrow and Ball Cinder Rose

This tallboy was done in this beautiful light pink color in a gloss finish. This color is great for a little girl’s room or wherever your heart desires- my husband is fine with us having a pink headboard in our master bedroom. He probably would dig this dresser too.

Modern Masters Pale Gold

This color is part of a metallic paint collection that we use to paint furniture that is different than the paint we sometimes use to spray hardware. It gives a little extra sparkle to a room! It was a great choice for this girl’s glam room. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it on a bigger piece, but for side tables or something, it can be really fun.

Benjamin Moore Emerald Isle I love to do campaign pieces in Emerald Isle. It’s an amazing pairing with brass hardware and so for campaign pieces, it works well. This color is (for now) an “in house” color for us actually! You don’t have to pay any extra for this color, so it doesn’t really belong on this list, but we wanted to make sure you don’t forget about it. It’s a beautiful color and has turned out amazing on every piece we’ve done in it!

Custom Two-Tone Stain 

This was an experiment we did recently and it turned out really cool. We were actually going for a different, lighter color on the bottom, but sometimes you can’t predict how the wood will take the stain. If it had been a customer’s piece, we would’ve kept going until it came out how the customer wanted. Because it was just going on the floor and we were choosing the finish, we left it because we thought the combo was really cool and unique! It was beautiful how color of the top drawers appeared in the variation of the stain on the bottom.

We’ve done some amazing custom colors, these are just a few! If you’re interested to see how something turned out, look on our Pinterest. We’ve pinned tons of inspiration photos!

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