Customization: Metal Bases

We’ve been having fun with one of our new offerings…custom metal bases! As part of our premier line, we just had 3 bases made for these pieces. Check out these amazing transformations! It’s incredible how much the metal base can change the entire look of the piece.

For this small dresser, we decided to paint the base in black. We can paint the metal any color. It can match the color(s) in your piece or have a metal finish of your choosing. This pieced worked great with the base because of its straight lines. The chrome framing makes it look like it was always supposed to have a metal base too!
I absolutely love this piece. Again, straight lines here help to make the rectangular base feel like a natural part of the piece. The dark navy gloss with the brass is a killer combination.

This piece turned out so funky! I love it. It had really unique edges to begin with, so it was fun to be able to highlight those in white and paint the rest black. This is an example of another kind of metal base we are doing. We just call these ski legs. For this piece, we sprayed them in a brass finish to match the hardware. This is clearly a darker gold than the paint used for the navy piece above, so as you can see, we have lots of options of how to finish these bases.

We’re already designing our next ones, so look out for more metal bases to come!

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