Whew! Who else feels totally exhausted from the hour change this weekend? I mean Y’all, I thought gaining an hour would help ease the tiredness- but I am one tired momma. But to be completely honest, although the nights get longer, I’m kind of into it this year? Usually, I completely dread this daylight savings time but even though it’s getting dark earlier- things are just feeling awfully bright. Anyways, although this probably sounds like one of our “let’s bring light into the space blogs” it’s actually going to be quite the opposite. Today, we’re embracing this darkness and we’re going to tell you some of the best ways to add some darkness into the decor without overdoing it.


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So dark countertops are in y’all, and they literally make such an amazing difference for your kitchen or bathroom! The decor of today is very neutral and very bright. Our walls are usually a neutral-tone, and even our cabinets are light and bright. But that’s what makes having some dark countertops a must! Dark countertops ground the room, and completely add an amazing contrast to the space. And believe it or not, they actually make the room seem brighter because dark countertops don’t absorb the color, but can bring out the colors surrounding them.

Accent Wall

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Yup, I’m going to be the one to tell you to paint a wall in your house black – and yes, it is one of fall’s biggest trends right now. But hear me out for a second, sometimes a dark accent wall is exactly what your home is missing. A dark accent wall will bring a focal point to the room, without overdoing it. Especially if you dress it with light and bright wall art, or mirrors, the darker wall will actually function as a decor element that brings dimension, personality, contrast, and even some mood to the room in the perfect amount. But going dark doesn’t mean to only go black – painting a wall a dark navy color, or charcoal, or even doing a stain over some shiplap, can all be ways to add some darkness. I love a dark accent wall because it brings perspective, and draws the eye to something different than the surrounding white walls – giving a very complete and finalized look. When going dark, also think about the finish you use too! Going with a glossy, buttery paint will literally make the room feel brighter because the lights will reflect, but also give a very elegant, and luxurious vibe to the space. If you choose a flat paint, a more modern, casual vibe can be brought to the space.


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Adding some darkness to the floor is so amazing. Seriously, dark floors are so in right now, and when placed in a home with lighter walls and accents – it’s literally incredible! The dark floors give your eye something else to play with as you walk in your home, and will bring some balance to very light and airy space. Dark naturally provides a very grounding vibe, so it makes sense to have your floors literally and figuratively represent feeling grounded. Going in with a dark stain, a wide charcoal tile, or any flooring that catches your eye – is something you will thank me for later. The darker floor sets the scene, and from there, you can go in and add brighter and lighter colors into the mix, without having to force some darkness. If you’re nervous about jumping into dark floors – start off with some darker area rugs that you can swap out!


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Okay, so maybe we’re kind of biased – but y’all dark painted furniture is so in. We love painting a dresser a buttery black, and we’re getting darker color custom orders than ever before. Dark furniture is amazing because it helps make the space seem larger and brighter. When paired with any room, the dark furniture will be the first thing your eye sees, but in turn, makes everything around it seem that much brighter and lighter. But it doesn’t stop with wood furniture, going in with dark textiles and upholstery now not only fits this moody trend, but it also complements a modern, rustic, or contemporary trend really well. When playing with dark colors, just always try to remember that contrast is key, and offsetting it with lighter colors makes the absolute perfect balance.

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