Mirrors are an awesome decor element for your home. Mirrors are beautiful, versatile, and add character to the space, but they also provide function – which you know we love here at MegMade. Not only do they let you see your beautiful self, but they also provide function in some of the darkest or smallest spots in your home! Why? Because they literally make the space feel brighter and larger. I mean they literally reflect all the best things in life, and if strategically placed, can truly enhance the space! With this new 2020 trend of luxury overload – mirrors are the perfect place to start! The art deco vibes of the 1920s were all about those fine, shiny, ornate details and lines – and y’all, finding a mirror that matches that trend, will definitely create the perfect statement this 100 years later! But before you start adding mirrors to every spot in your home, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to use them as decor elements!

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Reflection matters guys – and should be the number one thing to consider before placing your mirror on the wall! If you want some more light in the space, definitely placing a mirror opposite a window is the right way to go! It will literally reflect the light, and will bring a new vibe to the space. If you have an amazing piece of art that you want to be reflected, place the mirror opposite of it, so that it will show how important it is to you, and to bring more attention to it. Just keep in mind, if you have something that you don’t want attention brought too, then don’t have it reflect in the mirror! Rather than throwing a mirror on the wall because there’s some extra space, use the mirror to reflect the best things in your life and place it to your advantage!


Before placing a mirror, you have to think of what its purpose is. If it is placed as just a decor element, you have to place it where it will fit in and where it will enhance the other elements in the space. It doesn’t necessarily have to be hung at eye level either, as it all depends on its reflection and its intended purpose. If the mirror is meant for self-care and for that function than your mirror should definitely be placed at eye level, and in a place where it doesn’t necessarily reflect other aspects of the room, unless there’s something you also want to highlight – double the mirror decor points!


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The style of the mirror can make or break a room. Whether you are using the mirror for decor or for function, the mirror needs to match well with your other decor so that it doesn’t clash! The best thing about mirrors is that they are so versatile, and come in so many different styled frames. The frame can be modern, rustic, traditional, art-deco… honestly, they come in all different styles, there’s one for any style! A more elaborate mirror will DEFINITELY bring a different vibe to the space than a plain one. Also, if you’re going with a vintage mirror as opposed to a newer, you will also get a different vibe because of the glass! Aged mirror glass may have blemishes and some fogginess, which can be perfect for a room with some moody decor vibes.


Source: Liz Marie Blog

Guys, big mirrors can work in most spaces! Don’t worry and don’t be afraid to purchase something a bit more oversized. Mirrors can actually create some depth and dimension, and make the space seem larger – so if you have a smaller space, bigger may be the way to go! If you’re going with multiple mirrors, it could be a good idea to start small and get bigger to ensure they will all fit and not look cluttered. Also, consider full-length mirrors in spaces that are lacking some decor! Full-length mirrors can take up a large space on the wall, and help make the space feel cohesive and complete. 


Mirrors typically come in round, square, or rectangle, and deciding which to choose all depends on what look you are going for. If you have very modern furniture, going with a circle mirror can really enhance the sharp lines of the furniture. If you have very traditional and furniture with character, a more ornate shaped mirror would work perfectly!


Source: Blesser House

If you want to do a whole mirrored decor wall, make sure you consider each mirror as a part of one bigger picture! All the mirrors need to be seen as one decor element. Just remember, because they do reflect, using many different mirrors would work best in a space without a lot of clutter! Each mirror is going to reflect, and you definitely don’t want each individual mirror to look busy and loud because it can make even the biggest spaces feel small and cluttered. 

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