Designer in Focus: Claire Staszak

This week, we thought it would be fun to talk about one of the many talented designers we work with on a regular basis. We LOVE Claire Staszak’s work and are excited to show you some of the rooms she has designed (and how our pieces look in them)!  Her company is called Centered By Design.

2016-10-04_0002It’s so fun to see how Claire envisions a piece’s transformation. Often, she thinks of things we never would have! Collaboration is a beautiful thing ?


We absolutely love this red dresser we did for one of Claire’s clients. It looks amazing in this loft space, complete with wallpaper from Relativity Textiles!

2016-10-02_0003The room is bright and colorful, but not overwhelming. One of Claire’s strengths as a designer is her understanding of balance. The campaign side table is also painted, but in a neutral gray tone. She chose to do two painted pieces, rather than wood furniture, which I think was smart. In this space, with the large wood beams, the painted furniture helps lighten up the room.

We did this campaign wardrobe for a client of Claire’s out in the suburbs. She asked for some dark waxing on the piece, which gives it that textured look. We often tell people that big furniture helps make the room look bigger. It may sound counterintuitive, but this room is a perfect example of that. Another smaller would look silly, especially next to the large bed. It all just works. We love this bedroom!

2016-10-02_0006These images are from Claire’s home. It’s always exciting to see what a talented designer does in his or her own home. In my opinion, it’s easy to help other people, but decorating your own space is the hardest! There are just too many options! Claire has created an amazing space for her and her husband, though, and we’re happy some of our pieces made the cut  2016-10-02_0005The piece on the left is one we restored. It goes great in Claire’s guest room. She picked out some beautiful leather pulls, which really transform the rounded dresser into something totally unique. The grain is gorgeous on this piece, so we are glad she chose to do a restore!

Thanks for making our pieces look beautiful Claire!

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