Ready to take your home decor to the next level? If you are, add a floral arrangement to the mix! Floral arrangements are an awesome decor element to add to your space. Real or fake, they are extremely versatile, they can have different meanings (depending on the flower), they can be different colors, they can be seasonal, honestly… what can’t a floral arrangement be?! As if they couldn’t get any better, floral arrangements can also be completely DIY and inexpensive and can be a fun and simple project for the family. Listen, summer is coming and that means the kids are going to be home, you are going to want a project to those kiddos occupied for a few hours, and this could be the project! Floral arrangements are completely custom, which means you can take full design control and choose the aesthetic and look you are going for!

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One thing that I love about floral arrangements is that you can play around with the base. You can choose a mason jar vase, a pitcher, a wired basket, a lantern, a rustic watering can, a wooden crate… honestly, anything that matches your style! And being able to choose the base, gives you the perfect opportunity to make something completely custom for the space you have in mind. If you’re going for a smaller simple floral arrangement for the bathroom vanity, choosing a mason jar or a perfume bottle can be an awesome idea! If you’re going for a dining room centerpiece, choosing a wired basket would look amazing. It’s all about envisioning what you want, and creating it!

Source: Sanctuary Home Decor


Whether it’s overflowing with flowers, or nice and tightly fitted, choosing the design of your flowers is completely up to you! Sometimes when you have a smaller base, going big with the flowers gives a very dramatic look, resembling almost like a hanging flowering plant! If you’re going big with the base, having a full and tightly fitted flower can make for a very classic and clean look – like a flower bed. It’s not all black and white though. You can really design the flowers in any way that you choose. Just keep in mind that you want the arrangement to look lifelike, so when choosing the design, think of how real life flowers would bloom!

Source: Architectural Digest


When choosing your flowers, decide what you want the piece to represent. This is where you decided the colors and the types of flowers that go into the arrangement. If you want something to enhance the modernity of your home, going for a more monotone and tall stemmed flower would work perfectly! You can add in tall stemmed flowers like lavender, daffodils, and gladioli, which would work as great accents in the floral arrangement or even throw in some greenery like bamboo, that will draw the eye upwards creating a thin and sleek appearance. If your decor is moody, going for deep purples and red colored roses with a lot of grey-toned draped greenery, would do just that. If you want something bright and happy to represent your farmhouse decor, white and pale pinks and yellows with hydrangeas, sunflowers and some idyllic for an accent, would really give you the farm decor element. Oh and don’t forget to add in some lamb ear greenery. To make a floral arrangement look realistic, you need to add in some greenery! My rule of thumb, add about 3/4 greenery as you would add flowers.

Source: Lily’s Flower Gifts


Chicken wire is the secret to crafting your floral arrangement! If you put some chicken wire in the base, it will be extremely easy to arrange the flowers and have them stay in place – because you can intertwine them amongst the wire! Plus, you won’t be able to see it! You can also purchase floral tape and some adhesive so that you can tape certain flowers together that you think would enhance the look, and use the adhesive to help secure them to the base. That being said, you can also go with your typical flower foam, which will also keep the flowers sturdy. Also if you’re going with fake flowers, grab a good pair of wire cutters, because those stems are hard to cut without them.

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