Doggy Decor – Incorporating Your Pup’s Essentials Into Your Home

If you’ve been checking out our Instagram story this week, you would’ve caught our pup Jax trotting around the store. We love our baby boy, and I know a lot of you have pets and love them just as much as we do. If you’re like us, your pet is part of your family and basically another child of yours, and just like our kiddos, they deserve the very best doggy essentials – I mean look at that cute face. So today, we’re doing things a little bit different around here because we’re giving you some home decor ideas that will have your pups howling, literally. Believe it or not, there are ways to give our pups all that they need, while still making those doggy essentials work as part of your home decor.

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Food Bowls

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Nothing is more important to your pup than their food, well other than you of course! We all love our pets, and we want them to eat healthily, but guys, those doggy bowls don’t always look that nice on our kitchen floors! Since we have those food bowls out every day, we might as well make them match our decor, right? There are a lot of different styles to choose from when it comes to pet bowls, and a lot of times they can be placed into a wooden platform, or be raised with a cute base – much like our favorite pieces of furniture! There are so many ways to make your pups food look good, and if your pup’s food is looking good, you will be feeling good!

Dog Beds

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Nothing is cuter than watching our pups drift off into sleep on their bed. I mean, come on! How cute is it when they plop on their bed, wiggle their nose, and fall right into doggy dreamland! I can’t help but think how cute it is that they know that that’s their bed, and that’s where they rest. So cute. But let’s be real for a here, those beds can look really messy in our homes – and they can be an eyesore in the space. Because of this, we need our pups to sleep on something a little more stylish! You are not going to believe the options out there for dog beds. I bet you can even find one to match your upholstery! Or make one perhaps? There are so many patterns, shapes, styles out there, and like the food bowls, they actually have platforms that the beds go into, making an even better decor element that will enhance the space.

Dog Crates


Did you know they make dog crate furniture? They literally create a table-like piece of furniture that has a dog crate in it! I mean guys, when it comes to crates, we can all agree that they almost never make the space look good. They’re big, bulky, and they just overall look uncomfortable. But no more! There are actually dog crates out there, that you can use as a side table, coffee table or even an accent piece for your home! Can it get any cooler than that?


Source:Grand in Road

Although this isn’t technically for your pup, it is a great storage idea for your dog’s leash and collar! Throwing a leash or collar in a closet or drawer gets unorganized and messy. And it always seems like when you really need to grab it, it’s never in the right place! Something I do is buy some wall decor or coat hooks so that I can keep my pups accessories organized, and looking neat!


Source:Bark Post

If you have a spoiled pup like me, then you know what it’s like to have toys and bones all over the house. Have you ever walked on a dog bone – ow! Just like kids, our pups are going to play, so we might as well give them a space to have their toys! Having a bin, box, or basket that matches your decor will look purposefully placed, and provides a great function for the cleanliness and neatness of the space! That being said, you definitely can purchase an actual toy bin and use that, or you can purchase something on the smaller side that can be easily used and swapped out!

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