Evolution of My Boys’ Room

This room has had quite a lot of iterations in the 4 years we have lived in this apartment! When we moved in the, the floors were completely unfinished. We were working with a completely blank slate. Only our oldest son was born when we moved in and he was in a different room that is now our younger son’s room. This space first actually served us as a…wait for it…painting room! This was the OG “spray booth” of MegMade. You could see paint on the walls for a while; it was honestly disgusting.

Some projects just require a space you can get messy in though and it was so amazing to have a whole room just for painting. In our previous apartment, we had to paint dressers in hallways sometimes. That is, when we weren’t using a neighbor’s garage! Sometimes it was just too cold in Chicago to go out and paint in the garage.

So once we had Brooks, our younger son, we moved Wells into this space. Our plan was always that eventually they would move in to one room together, so we designed Wells’ room with that in mind. The dresser in the middle of the twin beds is obviously a MegMade piece painted in polo blue. We also restored those matching headboards. The walls are painted Farrow and Ball Mole’s Breath which is a great medium, warm gray color. The quilts are from Pottery Barn Kids. 

On the other wall, I put this mcm hutch (also restored by MegMade). I loved the original stain of this piece up against XXX. It is such a rich medium walnut, true to classic mid century furniture. I really liked this first pass, but now that it’s actually time to move Brooks into this big boy room with his older brother, I just got restless and wanted to change things up again. 

A few months ago, I made this inspiration board. I purchased the poofs for the ends of their beds and the city outline from Wrightwood Furniture. I had our team spray the campaign dresser Farrow and Ball Pointing. And I decided to have our welder make a custom metal headboard frame that we would then upholster. I also gave fabric (EST 4349 Charcoal) to our upholsterer to make some shams for the beds.

But let’s be honest, you don’t really push to get a room done until someone gives you a reason to, right? Maybe that’s just me. We had a magazine interested in publishing a photo tour of our house, so the past two weeks I’ve been in go-mode on this room! I got the headboards in from our welder, purchased some sconces, got a rug. I got the shams made- it finally was all coming together! I’m so excited to share the final results with you next week!! Look out for that blog coming your way as soon as I get the professional photographs






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