Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is Sunday June 16 – and it’s time to thank dad for all the things he does for you! Whether you’re going to spend some quality time with dad, or if you you’re buying him an amazing gift, it’s dad’s day to feel special and we’re going to help you make sure he does! For this Father’s Day we’ve created an awesome gift guide that will wow all the different dad personalities, giving you a few options that they will love! From Dapper Dads all the way to Grillin’ Dads, we have you covered!

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1. There’s no better way to thank your Dapper Dad, then by giving him the gift of self-care! With this  razor subscription, dad will never have to worry about running out of razors, and will always feel at his best – with a freshly shaved face that is!

2. If the razor isn’t the way to go, why not give him the gift of accessories! The perfect accessory is this tie bar trio by Tie Bar! With three tie bars, dad can dress up his suit, no matter the occasion or color!

3. If your Dapper Dad has hair for days, gifting pomade will help him create that sleek hair DO that he (and everyone around him) will love. American Crew makes this awesome pomade, that helps all the hairs stay in place – and will help dad look his best.

FOR THE Do It Yourself DAD

4. For the DIY Dad, give him a gift that will make him think of you when he’s working on his next project! This personalized hammer is just the thing – leaving him a lasting message that will always remind him of you!

5. This flexible task light is the perfect gift for a dad who is constantly fixing things around the house or on the car! This moldable light, can light up the darkest spaces, while fitting into the hardest spots!

6. You can never go wrong with an oscillating tool for the DIY Dad who loves to work around the house! Powered by batteries, this multi- tool can assist dad with all those projects he’s been “getting around” to do.


7. Nothing’s better than a BBQ meal cooked by dad on the grill! Gifting this smoker box brings an amazin, authentic smoke taste to the food – that will leave dad with the well earned title of Grill Master!

8. If the smoker box isn’t enough, this awesome deluxe grill set, is definitely meant for a king … king of the grill that is


9. If your dad is laid back, and loves a good ol’ beer after a long days work, he needs these cooling pint glasses! For the dad who loves to relax – these pint glasses do just that, they chill.

10. And for the dad who can’t get enough of his music and needs a soundtrack for everything, this portable bluetooth speaker is just the thing! He can bring it anywhere he goes, whether he’s out working in the yard, or relaxing by the pool. AND it’s waterproof!


11. If your dad loves the outdoors, , this lantern is the perfect gift! With a very vintage vibe, this lantern will light up the night sky, bringing a cozy campfire-esque vibe to any outing adventure. Can it get anymore perfect?

12. This jacket is an amazing gift for your outdoorsy dad! With a very casual, yet “I love the outdoors” vibe, this jacket will leave dad in style, and is also an essential, when it comes to loving the outdoors.


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