Faux Plants for Fall Y’all!

Faux real guys, this week has been crazy – and it’s about to even get crazier. Well, I mean, as crazy as we can get with some indoor house plants! With fall around the corner, the outdoors is going to be so amazing, with the beautiful colors of the leaves changing, and the burnt orange, red, yellow, and purple flowers blooming, but guys, with all this going on outside, we have to remember to focus on the inside! We’re talking about brightening up our homes with the best faux indoor plants around! Today, we’re all about giving you some awesome faux house plants to liven up your fall decor inside, so that way you can bring the outside in – but without all the responsibility of real plants. Who has time for that?

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You can’t go wrong with adding some table top floral to your well, tabletops! There’s something so special about adding some floral to complete a space or tablescape because it kind of represents embracing life and flourishment – two things that should be a daily reminder if you ask me. There are some colorful plants that just bring that instant peaceful vibe to the space, while also looking extremely appropriate for the space! If you want to go bold with some florals, adding a small vase with some colored faux flowers are plants, is the perfect way to ease into this transition. Starting off on either the top of a bookcase, or on the entryway table, are two great ways to go in with floral, without overdoing it


Source: Pier 1

If you love a good ol’ vase like me, then you must add some long stem goodness to your vase this season! Sometimes, florals in a vase can be boring, if done incorrectly, but we’re showing you some of the best ways to incorporate the beauties of fall into your vase bouquet to take it from ow to wow! Think color y’all – when adding your florals to your vase, the more color the better. With fall, it’s just all about color. Push those greens aside, and add some vibrant oranges, and mauves – to bring that cozy feel on those chilly days ahead! The trick of the trade: adding some Pampas grass, and Maple leaves into the mix will make the most beautiful faux fall floral arrangement ever! Now, that’s a mouthful. 


Source: Pottery Barn

There’s something about a wreath that just screams fall! I guess it’s because we’re getting back into the holiday decor, and wreaths are just so welcoming and easy to use to dress up your door, that how can we not love them? This year, we’re all about the colorful wreaths, and whether it’s with berries, or with leaves – we’re showing you some amazing wreaths that will instantly brighten up your front door. But hey, it doesn’t have to only be on your front door – trying getting a wreath stand, and placing a wreath near a mantle, on the floor with some tall candle holders, or even on your countertop!


Source: Alla Decor

Garland to me, is the perfect finishing touch to any seasonal or holiday decor. Whether it’s resting gently atop a mantle, outlining the staircase, or even hanging from a door, garland looks beautiful anywhere! There are so many ways to get creative with garland. You can line a bookshelf or curio cabinet shelf, or you can intertwine it in a centerpiece on your dining room table. A garlands gotta do what a garlands gotta do – and whatever it does – it’s amazing! There are even some leaf garland string lights, that would look incredible. 









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