Y’all, being on the other end of COVID19, where times are getting better, and spirits seem to be lifted, if we take a second and actually think back to the precautions we adjusted too and comparing it to what life was before, it’s hard to take in. It doesn’t feel real, the isolation of being at home, the way we would embrace others with love to now with distance, our livelihoods with our businesses and careers taken away without choice, people’s lives taken too soon from a virus, disinfecting things that we buy and not knowing when it’s enough,  being scared to leave the house, not being able to get enough food products, or personal products like toilet paper, medicines, and cleaning supplies –  what we have witnessed is something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. We have fought through a time that is going to be one of the turning points in history. And although it was hard, we got through it guys. We fought on for as long as we could, and did what we had to do to survive. I mentioned in Tuesday’s post that we went from living to survival. And it makes me wonder, what are we in now? Was living before even the life we wanted to live? It seems that although we been through the mill and back, things are looking brighter, and life is more precious! The morning is more precious, bedtime, the sun, our loved ones – even if you didn’t think they could be, they are more precious. Coming out of this pandemic, we are living lives that are now even more filled with love, with gratitude, with appreciation – with things that we all may have been forgetting before. It was hard y’all, no question about it, but the entire way through we kept on fighting.

Fight on, fighter
Don’t let anyone steal your fire
Fight on, fighter
The Spirit is alive inside ya, yeah

Throughout this entire journey, I’ve had the song Fight on Fighter by for King & Country stuck in my head, and Joe and I were listening to it every day to remind us that no matter what gets thrown at us – you have to keep fighting! I want to get personal with y’all, we we’re sad when MegMade was closed. As a small business owner, our world turned upside down when we heard we we’re going to have to close to the public immediately. Things like, how are we going to make money? How are we going to last? How long is this going to be? were questions we just didn’t know the answers too. We built MegMade from the ground up, and we love forward momentum. This break, was so scary to take on. We were in a hard spot for a while, we we’re angry, fearful, nervous – all of those anxious feelings, but we got through it. We found strength in our family, we grounded ourselves in our faith, and we loved others and ourselves with our whole heart and compassion, and we kept on fighting!

Stronger than you than you ever thought
I know you’re stronger
Braver than you were before
You know you’re braver
Oh, no, you don’t have to be afraid
Together we’ll face it
So don’t ever stop no matter what
‘Cause you’re gonna make it

We’re firm believers that we take the situations we are put in, and make them purposeful and meaningful. Even if our business was on pause, we didn’t let anyone steal our fire, and we kept on fighting, because everything happens for a reason, and things sometimes happen to us because God knows we are strong enough to prevail! Since our earlier days at MegMade we’ve had this beautiful mural painted on the side of the building, because although we are a business built on the foundation of all things home, MegMade is also our home. It’s everything we’ve ever worked for and more. And during this time, we were not letting that go. We kept on fighting! 

There’s a part that you hold that you lock down
Let it breathe, give it wings, set it free now
Time to make ya walk, break the prison bars
Show them who you are


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