Floored by great friends

I am listening to Rachel Hollis’ book Girl, Stop Apologizing on audible right now and one chapter talks about how you become the 5 people you hang around the most. Growing up that was my family. That was my pose because as a kid I wasn’t popular at all. In fact, some kids were kind of mean to me. I had friends sure, but it was like being acquaintances with everyone and not having a clique per se. That is why when two of my friends surprised me with this gift, I felt literally floored. Who would do that…and for me? Well, it was Jenny and Heather and thank you Lord for putting these amazing women in my path. If I can get an ounce of what these two ladies exude, I would count myself grateful.

How did I meet these incredible humans?

I was working on an interior design project in Andersonville when my clients introduced me to Heather Collins, who then painted the mural on my building. We quickly became friends and when we are together we just dream of fun things to do and build off of each others ideas.

Jenny and I met at the Kids Fun Run at St. Benedicts while our kids ran in tiny circles raising money for the school. We met at the race and by the end had plans for the future! She is a crazy motivated entrepreneur who runs an amazing photography business.

Now to what these ladies did – they took time out of their busy days to get together and plan a photoshoot with my kids included. Heather chalked the mural on the building and Jenny took the pictures. This is what came from that beautiful partnership and I am still picking my jaw off the floor and feeling so blessed to call these ladies friends.

Pictures of my kids are my everything. I love taking them on my iphone sure, but professional ones, ones that Jenny takes, they are the best. Thank you wonderful friends for making this mama feel so loved and cherished this year.

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