Fourth Of July Party Ideas

Happy summer everybody! It’s smooth sailing from here guys! Long summer days, and cozy summer nights…Don’t you just love it?! Summer BBQ’s are in full swing, the kiddos are home, and it’s time for the ultimate summer celebration … The Fourth of July! Let’s dive into summer with an awesome, relaxed, and fun Fourth of July party..  and while we’re at it, let’s leave those stressful days behind (well at least for the party that is). We’ve got you covered with some ah-mazing Fourth of July party ideas, making your party start and go out with a bang (cue fireworks please).


Source: A Pumpkin and a Princess

Let’s be real here, everyone loves some good Red, White and Blue decor, but this galvanized trend is here to stay! Adding red, white and blue decorations is definitely a must, but adding some galvanized decor will take your party to next level goodness! Using utensil holders, condiment holders, galvanized trays, water pitchers, and adding some extra large galvanized buckets can be an inexpensive decor element, plus, it’s an effortless way to show that you put effort into the decor. It also gives a very rustic outdoorsy feel that you wouldn’t find with the plastic options that are usually out there. Check out these awesome galvanized decor elements that will enhance your Fourth of July celebration! By the way, these water pitchers are amazing – they not only are galvanized but have red, white and blue trim!


Source: Pottery Barn

Ok, so we all know Mason Jars are kind of the go-to for extra decor elements. Well, how can they not be? They’re easy, inexpensive and have tons of different uses for them! You can make little centerpieces with some regular mason jars as a candle holder by adding in some LED tea lights. Or you can add a few florals into them to create a patriotic bouquet! OR you can use mason jars as your drink glasses. But that’s not their only use. Check out this awesome Mason Jar (and galvanized) drink dispenser! It is the perfect size for a backyard party (and looks pretty darn cute on the table). Plus, you can also grab this super cute utensil holder, where you can display all your forks, knives and spoons in this three-section piece.


Source:Home Talk

These days, the cooler the cooler, the better the party, am I right? There are so many different things you can use as a cooler. One, those galvanized buckets I mentioned earlier. You can either get your own bucket (the one below is a personalized one that is super cool), or you can purchase a standing cooler that will look so awesome next to the bar at your party! But if you want to change up the textiles a bit, going with this patriotic cooler is a MUST for a backyard party. It also stands up on its own, but it also has this awesome flag that really brings some Red, White, and Blue into your decor! And if you want to go with some colored options, choosing these heavy duty plastic cooler, are a great way to throw in some color.



Any good outdoor party has some ah-mazing music! I feel like Fourth Of July just screams Bruce Springsteen… and so awesome speakers are a MUST to setting this relaxed summer vibe! Either having a portable sound system that is literally bangin’ or having some awesome ground speakers that are Bluetooth compatible, are all great options to get your party started! If you don’t want the speaker to be an eyesore,  there’s a great set of rock speakers that blend in with the natural environment too!


Source: Collectively Christine

Backyard party games are an awesome addition to any outdoor party. Tailgate Toss, Ladder Toss, Spike Ball, or Stackers are all family-friendly and sure to get the party lasting all night! Plus, fun for the kiddos, so that they will be entertained for hours. If these games aren’t your style, doing a traditional water balloon toss, or water gun fight will bring an immediate summer vibe to your party!


I hope everyone has an awesome Fourth of July! Stay safe, have fun, and remember to relax! Summer is upon us guys, soak up that sun and enjoy every minute of it! MegMade wishes you a happy and healthy holiday.

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