Friday Finds – 14 Favorite Green Bedrooms

So the search is on! I told you I was leaning towards green for our master bedroom, but the world of green, I now know, is a very big one! Do I want dark? Is that going to make the room to dark? Do I want light and if I go light am I going to like it? It was difficult to figure out which route I wanted to go. When we moved into The Casita, I was pretty dead set on waiting everything neutral as the house is airy and light and gets a lot of sunlight. However, after living in it for a while, I realized that I like light, neutral colors, but I am a color gal and I need some color in my life besides pillows and a pop here and there. In our last house I leaned towards blues, which I love. However, since the beginning of time (errr….my time), my favorite color is green, so just going with my first love! And phew, green goes well with the neutrals we have already fallen in love with.

So I have commited to going dark green in our bedroom, which we will reveal after our shades and rug come in, but for now, here is some beautiful inspiration that we have found around the web while looking for inspiration for our own room. Hope you enjoy this truly amazing round up.

                             via Life on Virginia Street                                                                           via Jenny Johnston Interiors

                                          via Elle France                                                                                                     via I spy DIY                                      via House of Money                                                                                   via Apartment Therapy                                         via Decoholic                                                                                         via By Thornham                                   via Apartment Therapy                                                                                    via Rue Magazine                                                 via The Jungalow                                                                                        via  Decoholic                                      via Rue Magazine                                                                                      via Thou Swell

Finding the right green paint color can be difficult, so I gathered some of my favorite green paints for you! Hope you find this helpful!

Enjoy the weekend!

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