If you looked at our latest blog, we’re all about must-haves this week! We’re taking it from Backyard decor to the next best place in the house- the kitchen. Our kitchens are the most used spot in the home, and because of that, it has to be set up and ready to go! If you don’t have your essentials readily available, that’s when the mess and stress kick in, and we end up ordering in because it’s just easier. Ordering in no more, it’s time to set up your kitchen with these essentials, that will make you want to cook and spend even more time in the hottest spot in the house.


Soap, scrub brushes, sponges, and towels are all necessities when it comes to the cleanliness of your kitchen! Listen, spills happen, so it’s better to be prepared when it does! Having a set of durable towels is a must. Plus, you can find some pretty cute ones to add to your decor! Same with a scrub brush. Believe it or not, there are some really cute ones out there that would not only lure you into using it but will make your sink look up to date and clean. Choosing a nice smelling soap in a cute soap dispenser will also be another functional yet decor element that you can add to your kitchen. The key here is to pick items that’s are not functional but to pick items that are aesthetically pleasing as well. 

Source: Studio McGee



Okay, well this time, I’m not literally suggesting you paint your counters a different color (even though you know that’s my thing) but I am suggesting that adding some bowls, cutting boards, and other serving ware to your counters can be a great way to enhance the decor! I know we sometimes get carried away with all the serving ware we have, and we end up not being able to fit it all in our cabinets, so why not purchase some amazing pieces that you can actually use for decor? Use your serving ware to color your countertops! You can use a nice bowl for some fruit, or even use your serving trays or a cake platter as a space to create a tabelscapeesque ( is that even a word?) decor element! You can add a cute little succulent to the tray, a candle holder, a recipe book you want to display- anything that will make you love the way your kitchen looks!

Source: Lindsey Frank Design


Nothing is worse than having a crowded drawer full of serving and cooking utensils. Purchasing a crock is an awesome way to store your utensils while keeping them part of the decor! Crocks come in all different styles, and can truly be its own decor element for your countertop. They come in a variety of styles and can match any look that you are going for. If you’re choosing an awesome crock, choose pretty serving and cooking utensils to go with it! If you like the way something looks, you will want to use it more! And if it’s readily available, even better!

Source: Blissful Blog


A paper towel holder is definitely something to invest in for your kitchen. They are inexpensive, but such a necessary feature on your countertop. Paper towels never look cute just laying around, so choosing a decorative holder will make them clean and neat, and give those paper towels a space! Napkins too! If you have a sit-in kitchen, choosing a cute napkin holder as part of your kitchen tablescape is another functional yet decorative element for your kitchen!

Source: School House


Canisters are an awesome way to store your sugar, flour, cookies… any food item that needs a storage space. Canisters can bring some color and decor to the space, while still giving you that function for storage. Mason jars, although not exactly a canister, can be another great option to store some food while decorating the space. If you ask me, nothing is better than having your favorite kitchen snacks readily available!

Source: Remodelista

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