Today’s post is in honor of those lives that were lost during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and for the first responders and heroes who risk their lives every day to keep us safe. We pray for those affected, we pray for the lives that were lost and for the families whose loved ones who had left us way too soon, and also for the safety of our first responders. Although 18 years have passed, if you ask anyone around you, they know exactly where they were the moment they heard the news that the Twin Towers in New York City have been hit, as if it happened yesterday. For some, it’s hard to imagine a life before 9/11. It’s as if 9/11 is a crossroads between what was, and what now is, as societies perspectives have shifted, and although we never lived a life truly fearless, our lives after the attacks have been filled with what if’s and uncertainty going about our travels, and daily routines. But although fear is what was expected from us during that time, it was also a time where the citizens of the United States of America showed strength and upheld what America truly stands for, while showing the utmost pride for their country. There was never a time in recent history that proved more prevalent for the unity and community that occurred across the country. We stood together. We fought together. We mourned together.  We supported each other. We loved one another. And we rebuilt together – and because of this, we grew together. 18 years later, and although not through a crisis, we can only wish for this unity to happen again in the United States of America, through love and acceptance. There is strength in numbers, and when the entire country comes together as one, we can do anything. We said we will never forget, and we haven’t. We thank our first responders, military, and veterans for keeping us safe. And we pray for all those affected by the disaster. God Bless America!

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