There’s something about the New Year that just makes you want to feel free. It’s like you want wide open spaces, and enough room to make you feel relaxed but not confined – and you want to feel fresh and new! Well, whether you’re willing to take on a big transformation, or make a few small changes – we’ve got some ideas for you!


If you’re ready to make some BIG changes in your home, and you just don’t know what to do to make the space seem bigger – try opening up a shared wall in your home. If you have a wall that’s connected to both the kitchen and living room, opening up with an arch shape, or fully, can make the room seem way bigger than it actually is! If going fully open space isn’t for you, removing portions of the wall and adding columns to the space, creates separation, and differentiation from one space to another, while still giving the space an open feel!


If you’re not completely ready to jump into a complete wall renovation – try starting small with some things you can do right now. First, try adding some light to the space! Whether you want to switch out your curtains for something with a lighter material, or something less opaque, or if you want to simply open all your doors from the bedrooms and let the natural light take its course, the one thing that would actually make the space bigger is brining the addition fo natural light into the room. Of course, not everyone can just simply swap out windows for bigger, but dressing your windows, or adding some mirrors parallel to the window to reflect the natural light.


Sometimes the best way to open up the space, is actually by going low! Look down at your floor’s y’all, because all it takes is either the addition or removal of some area rugs. If you want the space to seem bigger, a great rule of thumb is to go in with different heights on those rugs. Playing with the heights and even the shapes will create some amazing dimensions, and will give the illusion that things are bigger than they seem. Now, on the contrary, if you have a lot of rugs, and they all seem very related, or of one tone and one size, maybe try swapping them out with a different shade or material, or size, or removing them altogether.


When there are lows, there are highs – so it’s only acceptable to talk about the ceiling. Although, this may be a bit of a bigger transformation than the rest, sometimes playing with your ceiling heights can actually make the room bigger too. If you have the standard 8 ft ceiling, sometimes adding some molding, or framing out the rooms can help create the illusion of height in the more important space. It’s said that if you have a lower ceiling in a less important part like in the hallway, a small room, or in an alcove, and having higher ceilings in living areas and bedrooms and bathrooms – you will definitely make the space seem bigger without adding square footage!


To make the walls seem longer, without playing with the floors or ceilings, adding some surfaces like a belt line or headband, will be perfect to create the more space illusion! Using materials like wainscoting, or subway tile on half of the wall, actually gives the illusion of more space, ESPECIALLY if it’s a darker shade than what’s on top. We will think that the ceilings are taller with the contrast in color because the light is on top!

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