Holidays are coming y’all, and that means your guest bedrooms are FINALLY going to be lived in. Whether it’s some friends visiting, or family staying over – it’s time to make that guest bedroom ready to be stayed in, and a space where your guests feel comfortable. The best way to make a memorable holiday for your guests is to create the perfect spot for them to feel at home. When decorating a guest bedroom, there are a few simple rules to keep in mind to make it perfect! Today, we’re sharing all the best tricks to make your guest bedroom, one of the best places in the house. And hey, when you’re guests are no longer visiting, maybe it can be the perfect spot to get some alone time once and a while!

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The first, and most important, rule is to make sure the guest bedroom is decluttered. Listen, I know, we all love extra storage, and throughout the year we definitely can tend to find space when we need it, but a guest bedroom can’t be the spot for all your extra stuff! When you’re guests come over, they want to feel comfortable, and if they stay in a room that is filled, they’re going to be stressed, and, it’s going to make you stressed if you have to clean the room out admits all the other hosting things you have to do! Keeping the guest bedroom clean, makes it more relaxing, and inviting for your guests!


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I’m not just talking about color here, but I’m talking about the decor, the elements, the textiles, and yes the majority of the colors. Think about when you go to a hotel, you don’t see much of anything around, and the overall decor aspect is very neutral and calm. When designing your guest bedroom, make sure to go in with tones that complement the rest of your home, and try to make it a cohesive room in the house. Neutral colors bring a very restful vibe to the space, and if your guests are staying over, more times than not, they must have been traveling, and definitely can use a space to relax, and refresh!


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Okay, so we can’t have a room without some boldness. Rule of thumb here is to add one big bold move where you can. So, if you’re going in with generally neutral tones to keep things simple, try adding maybe a floral wallpapered accent wall, or a geometric rug with hints of color or darker tones, to add some contrast and dimension to the space. Neutrals are fun of course, but sometimes if they’re all one tone can make the room like too sterile. Adding a small bit of boldness here and there will surely leave a large, lasting impression.


With your guests traveling for the holidays, you have to add some comfy elements that will make them feel extra cozy. Adding some fully decorative pillows, a blanket over the bed, or a fuzzy rug, will definitely be the perfect way to make the room feel cozy and inviting.


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Nothing is worse than a room that just has a bed and that’s it! The room will feel unfinished, and non-lived in and even though this guest bedroom may not be used all year, you want it to feel approachable and homey. Adding a small dresser, an accent chair, a bench for their luggage, or even a desk in case your guests have to do some work during their stay, will give your guests everything they need to sit tight and stay awhile. A lamp is also a great addition to the space, in case your guest wants some light during the night!


Not being at home, can sometimes be stressful, so to ease the stress of your guests and to make them feel the most comfortable, make sure to stock the room with anything they may need! Things like bath towels, washcloths, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, extra blankets, and pillows, are all things that your guest(s) will so appreciate it! If you have the space, even adding in some snacks and water or soda can be the perfect touch – that way when they get thirsty in the middle of the night they won’t have to feel funny to leave the room to go to the kitchen.


Although this is the guest bedroom, you still have the right to make it something you love! Going in and finishing the room by adding some greenery or florals, LED candles in lanterns, some wall art — anything that makes you feel like the space is complete will make it feel that much more homey and settled for your guest.

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