Happy National Coffee Day!

Every now and then I get personal.  I write about pressing things on my heart and mind and this is one of them.  Coffee.  It’s the nectar of the Lord! Coffee jump starts my day as I wake up with children sitting on my face or next to me watching youtube kids videos because they got up WAY too early and I need a second to gather myself.  By the way should we start to create some of those cause every one has like 1 million views, what the heck, it is just kids playing with toys!?

But I digress, coffee..back to you.  We are so excited you have your own day!  So Happy National Coffee Day!  You bring so many people so much joy, energy, productivity and sanity!

Even though coffee shops have robbed me of my retirement because of my intense love for coffee shops and coffee, I still love it.  Thankfully the Nespresso Vertuoline has come to save the day and may just allow me to pay for my kids to go to college.

Here’s to you coffee!  Hopefully Dunkin or Starbucks will reward everyones addiction today! Here’s a link to places offering free coffee!


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