Love is in the air y’all and so is the color RED! With hearts everywhere, you turn, and decor that’s all about love, it’s time we add some love into our decor – and the easiest way to do that is to add some color! Throughout the years, red has come and gone as THE accent color, but real talk: if it’s done right it will always look amazing. At Meg Made we love a pop of color, and we believe that any pop of color can look amazing, so today we’re going to show you some ways to incorporate red into the decor, in just the right amount! And y’all just because it’s winter, spring is right around the corner – so we’re going to give you some tips to incorporate red into the decor now, and for the next few months to come!


To start this love affair with red, let’s start at the front porch! It’s time to go right in and add some red, where you can. Adding some red seat cushions to the seating, or some red florals, in your typical terra cotta pot, can be just the start. And I know it’s still winter, but spring is right around the corner and red florals look beautiful! Adding a red floral wreath or some heart decor for now to the door with accents of the color can be a very welcoming way to add red.  A red doormat is also a great way to brighten up the front porch, as its visually pleasing and draws attention to the color! And if u feel like going big – try painting your front door red- it not only looks stunning, but also is said to bring good luck into your home! 


After getting your fix of red color while walking in, it’s time to add some love to your entryway! If you have a seating bench or a chair upon entering, definitely go in and add a red pillow to the chair! If you have a small table, adding some red candles, or a red lantern decor can not only be welcoming but bring a sense of coziness to the space! Adding some faux plants to the space with red floral can be an easy swap to an arrangement that may have already been there, to make it more seasonal.


Obviously going in with some red pillows would be the easy way to go in with the color, but there are way more options to add to the living room and bedroom! Other than adding textiles like a throw blanket, curtains, or a rug, adding red accents with wall art, frames, candlesticks, lantern, and some mantle decor can be the perfect way to ease the transition of red into your home. Although daring, but definitely an all year decor element, going in with a red stain, or color with some red undertones, on your furniture, is literally AH-MAZING! Sometimes all it takes is incorporating the shades of natural wood, with the red, to make it take over the space, but in an ever so incredible way. bAdding a furniture piece with a material like leather, or velvet, in red, or a pouf is also great to stay with this love-themed all year long while giving the space that really cozy feel that the winter instantly brings. Adding red to the space to offset any black or white, or neutral colors in the room is an amazing accent color that can stay all year long! 


Adding some red hand-towels, or red soap dispensers, and red runners to the floor, are easy ways to add the color. But adding red cushions to some island stools, or adding a geometric red detailed tile to the floor or backsplash, can be just the thing to make a statement all year long! Adding simple things like napkins, placemats, or even a crock, can be cute ways to incorporate the color for a seasonal or all year change! And if you want to be extra daring, painting your cabinets a red-colored – is seriously so stunning that I may have to try it soon! 


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