Happy Transformation Tuesday, Y’all!

With fall quickly approaching – it’s only fitting to show you a transformation with some HIGH GLOSS RED paint! We’re showing you some transformation goodness with this beautiful Bamboo bar cart, that we brought back to life! I mean, did you see the before picture? It was beautiful before, but it was dull and lacking some TLC! Throwing this beautiful red paint, with the extra high gloss, literally turned it from any old bar cart, into a statement bar piece! The Bamboo edging is something that I absolutely adore, but if you take a quick look, it’s not as highlighted when stained in its original color! We have done a bunch of pieces with this same style before, but for some reason, when it’s painted in a bright color – WOW! The edging literally POPS, and it becomes this new high-end looking furniture piece, that you all of a sudden need in your home! And we don’t blame you for needing it.


Although sometimes pricey, Bamboo is super strong, long-lasting, and resistant to shrinking and swelling. One of the most durable of all the materials, Bamboo is perfect for furniture, and even more perfect for flooring! Bamboo has a distinct grain to it, which makes it a great option for some statement pieces. What we absolutely love about Bamboo is since it’s so durable, it works amazing for outdoor furniture as well!


We love a good red here at MegMade, but because red just screams strength and love, two extremely important attributes, we went all in and painted this beauty, red! Sometimes on older furniture, it’s a challenge to bring it’s life back to how we want it to be  – but the trick of the trade  – sometimes all you need is a really bright pop of color so that when standing in a room, it gets the attention it so deserves! Plus, the glossy finish is perfect for this piece, because it highlights the bamboo edging, and all those little details making our eye be drawn to them when we couldn’t see them before!

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