House Tour: Stephanie’s Dreamy Nursery

We are eager to share this nursery tour with you! Crystal Blackshaw worked with Stephanie to create a nursery that works for them, their space, and their newborn. This room started with a completely clean slate. After Crystal came to do a consultation with Stephanie, she went away and dreamt up what one possibility for the nursery could be.


Crystal came up with this beautiful and eclectic inspiration board. This is one glam nursery! I love the way Crystal can mix so many different patterns and still create such a cohesive space. She has a gift.


After showing the board to Stephanie, the two decided on a softer, more pastel-centered palette, but Stephanie wanted to keep a lot of the original elements proposed. You’ll see how Crystal was able to incorporate that feedback by choosing a less pigmented pink for the walls and choosing solids over prints.

M Lindsay Photography

The result is so stunning! I absolutely love how our dresser looks in the space. The white against the brass hardware looks amazing. Those matching lamps add in a nice pop of pattern, tying in the cooler colors with the warmer pinks.

Sweet girls nursery bedroom pink

As always, Crystal does a beautiful job adding in the finishing touches. Love the vignette she created here with this orchid and the glass cloches. This space is all about new life so it makes sense to have some decor that grows too! Sweet girls nursery bedroom pink What an elegant bookcase for a baby, no?! This bookshelf is so whimsical. We’ve got all sorts of animals here- bunnies and bulldogs, the perfect combo! I like that this room isn’t afraid to be bold and glam. This is a room that baby Sophia can grow into. M Lindsay Photography

Great work Crystal! I hope baby Sophia loves growing up in this room.

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