How to Choose Color: Neutral or Bold?

We are able to match any color here…but having so many choices can feel daunting. Do you want to go bold or go with a neutral color that will work forever? There are great reasons to go in either direction, so we are happy to help you narrow down your choices and go with something that works for you.

If it makes you happy it’s right


Top left image: bhg , Bottom left image: Samantha Saifer Berngard of Bold Face Chicago , Right image: Design by Claire Staszak 

Whenever talking about design choices, it is important to first establish that these are not rules. We wouldn’t dare tell you not to make a choice that makes you happy. Ultimately, your home should be a reflection of you and what you like. If you love color, go with something funky! If you love everything to be all white, do that. However, we often have people come in who really want some rules. So if you don’t know where to start, consider these guidelines!

If you’re not sure, go with a neutralM Lindsay Photography

Top Left image: Design by Crystal Blackshaw , Top Right image: Amelia Canham Eaton

We do a lot of white, black, and gray around here. And there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that folks! These pieces look amazing in neutrals. The details and craftsmanship on the pieces provide plenty of visual interest without painting them a bold color. Going with a neutral opens up the possibility of putting the piece in another room later or changing the rest of the design around the piece without issue. Neutral is not boring! You can choose a matte or glossy finish to mix it up a little too.

Choose a slightly lighter or darker shade of your wall color 


When choosing a neutral, we often suggest to go a shade lighter or darker than the wall color. This way, the piece stands out without dominating. These examples show how this method can produce a beautiful result! Especially for larger pieces, like the long buffet on the right, going with a brighter color would’ve been pretty overpowering. I love the matte gray that was chosen for that piece. It is just a bit darker than the wall color and then the customer decorated with pops of color around the piece.

Choose one pop of color


Bottom Right image: Life on Virginia Street  , Top Right image: South Shore Decorating Blog  , Left image: Kelly Elko Blog 

If you have already painted a wall really brightly, or have a bold comforter, go with a neutral so your piece isn’t competing with that other element. This is just one way of thinking about your space, but can be very helpful. The examples above show different ways of accomplishing this. Playing in a neutral palette with lots of texture and then adding one brighter color can look amazing! Maybe that pop of color comes from a painted piece of furniture, but maybe it doesn’t.

If you’re at a loss for color, just ask us! We have lots of opinions



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