The weather outside is frightful, but y’all that means one thing – Christmas is almost here. I mean, come on, it’s already December? What? I feel like this year has literally flown by, and I can’t believe we’re already in the holiday season. Ugh, don’t you wish that time can just stop for a bit, and you can really spend time enjoying the holidays just a little bit more. I feel like we’re all just so busy, we forget about taking time to smell the roses, and honestly, if I can offer you guys anything this holiday season, it’s that. Take time to smell the evergreens in this case, spend an extra moment taking in the weather, your surroundings, and your family. Put your phone to the side for a few minutes more than usual. Enjoy all that you can this holiday season because it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Now that my little talk is over, it’s time to start decorating! Today, we’re giving you some of the best ways to decorate your front porch this year for Christmas! And there is one thing you have to remember, it’s not about whose porch looks the best this year, it’s about the happiness and joy the decor brings to you! 


I feel like I often talk about Lanterns, but y’all they really are versatile and look amazing in any season. Lanterns are so easy to display the perfect seasonal florals, and candles, that they’re just so easy to use. This year, you’re going to see a lot of lanterns outside on front porches. Setting two lanterns, one taller and one shorter, next to each other, is not only inviting, but so aesthetically pleasing that your front porch will be extra Christmas ready. Go in with adding some lighting inside, whether it’s with some string lights, or LED candles, and then to add that extra touch, adding some poinsettia florals, and some Christmasy ribbon, will make it literally amazing.


If you’re not into a fresh tree for the indoors, there’s nothing better than adding a fresh evergreen potted tree, garland or even a wreath to your porch this Christmas! Not only is it so beautiful and spiritful, every time you walk into your home you are going to get the fresh aroma of pine. I mean, amazing? If you have the space, outlining either the steps with two medium-sized potted evergreens, or adding one in the corner by your door would look amazing. Going in with a wreath on your door can be just enough so that when the door is open, you have some fresh evergreens inside. Hanging garland from atop your door, or even outlining the railings, will also be the absolute perfect addition to this holiday front porch.


Okay, so I feel like these two aspects kind of bring their way into almost every front porch trend – why? Well, they just work incredibly outside! Using both elements will give your front porch some texture, and dimension. Plus, if you’re going in with a tall wooden sign, it would look perfect to dress the space with the metallic metals, to offset the matte look that the wood brings.


One of my favorite things about Christmas is the tradition. And one thing that screams tradition, is going sledding with some family. If you still have those old wooden sleds or even an old radio flyer – y’all put it on the porch! These items instantly bring Christmas vibes and they make the space seem very homey. It’s those vintage elements that bring out the tradition while showcasing the love and happy times that come along with the holiday.


To bring everything together, you have to make sure that there is some Christmas Color Coordination on the front porch! Before choosing all your elements, try to envision what the colors are going to look like. If you want to go traditional, reds and greens will look amazing, if you want to go more modern, adding some touches of black and white will look perfect, if you want to go more rustic, adding natural colors and natural tones and elements will work the best! But hey, if you like multi-colored and love to just embrace all that is Christmas, it is the one time of year that decor doesn’t necessarily need a reason or purpose. Although we love a good ol’ matching decor element, it doesn’t have too. Christmas is all about the fun, the memories, and the traditions you’ve created. And so if you want to go all out and put all your favorite items out on the porch – then so be it!

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