Our indoor decor often tells our story beautifully. We spend so much time decorating the inside of our homes and making sure it’s just right so that when we come home, we feel welcomed, comfortable and at peace. Sometimes, because we are so focused on making the inside look beautiful, we forget that the outside counts too! Believe me, nothing is better than pulling up to your home, and feeling welcomed and at peace from the second, you step onto your front porch. There’s just something so charming about having a well-dressed front porch. Porches matter too guys – and it’s time to create an amazing outdoor space to match the amazing story that your inside decor tells!

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First things first, seating is a must if you want to create a welcoming front porch! When you see a spot to relax, it kind of instantly brings your mind to a place of comfort, because you know that at any given time, you have a spot to just hang out and be at peace. Depending on the type of front porch you have, and the size of it, you may have to try some different options to create some seating. If you have a smaller space, going with a bistro set is definitely a great option! If you have a bigger space, going with benches facing one another on opposing sides can definitely create a welcoming and inviting space. For a larger space, having some swing seating is extremely charming and something that you, your family, and guests will love! Rocking chairs also look extra charming and can be added to any size space!


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After you’ve chosen your seating, it’s time to access the space and see what will complete the look in terms of decor elements. Definitely adding some cushions to the seats are a must, and playing around with colors to either match the season or to compliment your front door or shutters is a fun way to put your personal touch on the decor! If you have the space, adding in a little side table that you can place a cup of coffee on, or the morning newspaper ( if y’all still read those) would definitely enhance and complete the space. Going further, if you have the space, adding some amazing outdoor rug pieces and pillows to match on either a bench or swing, would be just the finishing touch to make the porch not only look amazing but feel lived in and welcoming. Also adding a cute and fun welcome matt is a great option to add some decor! 


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If you’re like me, ending the day with the sunset sitting on the porch, is one of my favorite things to do. There’s just something some humbling about it – it really makes you appreciate the small things in life and makes you feel grateful for all that you are. While the sun slowly grazes the horizon, this is the time where the lighting does wonders. Whether you have lanterns on the steps, or a porch light on your exterior, or maybe even some string lights hanging from a covered porch, making sure you have lights available allows you and your guests to linger when the day turns into the night! To get double the front porch points, adding some stake lights to your pathway leading up to your house or around the surrounding garden would look incredible.


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Since you’re outdoors, it’s only necessary to have some plants lingering around your front porch! Adding a flower of the season, or some greenery to the porch will make you feel right at home. The natural living elements makes the porch a place of serenity and calmness, and plus, it can give you a nice little hobby to take care of every day! With this, finding some beautiful planters can be fun! Adding either a planter by your door or having planters line the steps is the perfect way to add in some greenery. If you have some railings, adding a flower box to the railing would be not only charming but beautiful.


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So the front door is definitely the most important part of this whole front porch makeover. The front door should represent you, and all that you and your family are. With this, choose a color that makes you happy and calm. Whether it’s lucky red, or calming blue, or maybe even happy yellow… whichever color you choose, make sure you love it! Check out our blog about choosing a paint color if you’re having trouble! But paint isn’t everything, adding some decor like a wreath, or some really cool hardware definitely will bring your front porch to a complete and beautiful space that you can enjoy.

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