So if you didn’t realize by now, we’re all about color. We try to incorporate color into our MegMade pieces as often as possible, because well, it literally brings us and the piece life! If it were up to me, everyone would have a little color in their decor – creating a perfect accent color to complement their space. But guys, listen, if you’re new to color it may be hard to create and choose an accent for your home! And because we LIVE for color and want you to have some color in your decor, we’ve created some simple steps to help you ease your way into the process of adding color into your favorite spaces and determining which color is right for you!

Step 1: Go With What You Like

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The first step to determine an accent color is to simply go with what you like! If you’re shopping around and a bright yellow pillow just screams your name, go for it! If a navy rug blows you away, get it! Accent colors are fun because they’re not what you expect, and they don’t necessarily need to match the rest of your decor. Why? Because you make it match! (But that’s for step 2). Accent colors should give the room some excitement or volume – they are used to enhance what’s already there but they just seem to make things pop a little more! If you think of it like that, when you’re shopping around in the store, look to see which color pops out. If you find one, choose that! One suggestion though is to start off small if you’re unsure of which color to go with. The best part is, you can always swap something small for a different color. Once you’re settled, that’s when you move on to the bigger and better elements!

Step 2: Make it Match

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Now that you have decided on your color, it’s time to make it match into the decor of the room. Like I said before, it doesn’t necessarily have to match the shades in your room, because you can make it match on your own, and that’s kind of what an accent color is all about. How? Well the trick of the trade to adding an accent color is to add enough of the color throughout the room so that it looks purposeful, but effortlessly placed. You want enough of the color to mix within the space so that it feels like it makes sense – like it’s supposed to be there. But that being said, if you want a stand-alone accent color in the room to only accentuate one piece, going with one piece of furniture (big or small) can work wonders!

Step 3:  Determine the Size of the Room

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Now that you have an idea of how to make it match the space, it’s time to look at the space you’re decorating and figure out how much of the color you would actually need. If you have a larger space you may want to purchase a bunch of decor elements that will fit in nicely. If your space it smaller, you may want to rethink which decor elements you want to go with and maybe go with one central accent color in a piece of furniture!

Step 4: Choosing the Decor Elements

 Source: Amber Interiors

Now that you know the color, the size of the space and how to make it match within the space, it’s time to figure out which decor elements you want to add to the space!

Living room or bedroom: If your living room or bedroom has a lot of space, adding pillows, blankets, an area rug, an accent chairs with colored upholstery, wall decor, vases or even faux flowers would be all great options to include in the space! If you have a tighter or smaller space wall art, and even adding a colored piece of furniture would do the trick, and maybe make it seem bigger!

Kitchen and Dining room: Can I say upholstery? Adding color to your dining chairs is one of the best ways to add some color into the space. If you’re not into that, adding centerpieces with colored flowers, or purchasing canisters and small kitchen appliances in your accent color would be an easy and functional way to add some color. Plus, tea towels, soap dispensers, and even a fruit bowl can do just the trick to add a hint of color without overdoing it.

Source: Mix and Chic

Entryway: If you’re ready to make a bold statement with some color, the entryway is the place to start! You can really play around here and add either a colored furniture piece, a colored tile or even a colored designed wallpaper!

Bathrooms: Similiar to the kitchen space, a great way to add some color would be to incorporate some hand towels,  soap dispensers, and canisters in the space! But, that being said, adding some wallpaper, a shower curtain or some wall art would definitely be a great option.

Step 5: As always, have fun!

Play with color guys! I say it all the time. There’s no risk in trying out some new color options, especially when they can be temporary and inexpensive! It’s all about enjoying the space, but also being proud and loving it as well. Have fun guys, and share with us some of your favorite ways to add some color into your space!

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