HOW TO : Creating an Amazing Nook

Nothing is cozier than cuddling up with your favorite book, sipping on a nice hot cup of coffee or tea, and throwing a blanket over you as you let all the stress of the day melt away! Ah-hhhh. Doesn’t that just seem like the absolute perfect way to end the day? Well, in order to have this every day, you need to create the space for it! Creating a nook is something that is SO necessary if you ask me. And yes, technically a nook is a tucked-away space that’s kind of a recessed part from the larger part of the room, but it doesn’t have to be! Nowadays, with this very free and open floor plan, we need to make ends meet, literally, wherever we can! Today, we’re going to share with you some ways to create an amazing nook within your home! 

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This is the most important part of creating this nook. The space it is in is everything! Whether it’s in your bedroom, or if it’s near a fireplace, or if its a little corner tucked away in your kitchen – wherever it is, you need to follow some rules! First off, it has to be in a place that is peaceful. It’s the place that you will go to feel grounded, and relaxed. Secondly, there need to be no distractions in this space! If there are distractions, you definitely will not be able to be focus and calm when you most need it. Thirdly, it needs to be quiet! You don’t want to be in a room with a loud TV, or in a room where most of the noise happens, And fourth, it needs to be a place that can become comfortable and cozy. If you can’t envision being all curled up and cozy in this space, then definitely find a better spot! 


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You definitely need a comfy chair to make the nook, well nooky. Whether its a big leather accent chair with an ottoman, a rocking chair, a chaise lounge or a love seat or even if you have a small couch and the space is big enough, make sure to incorporate some comfy seating in this space. But comfy actually isn’t enough – pick a seating that you want to use! Sometimes, the look of the chair can be more inviting than the actual comfort, and if you like the look of it, you will definitely use it! 


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Warm lighting is a must with creating the most amazing nook. Of course, during the day the natural lighting is AMAZING, but when it starts to get darker, and especially during the longer nights that come with fall and winter, warm lighting will literally set the mood and tone of the room. Whether you have a nice lamp, a desk lamp, or even some sconces on the wall – the addition of a lighting source other than the main light, will definitely give you those comfy cozy vibes. 


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The best thing about is nook is that whatever you need and whatever makes you feel relaxed, is kind of already there waiting for you. If you want to use the nook to read, then allowing room for a bookcase or shelf is a must! If you want to use the nook for painting and for doing some art, setting up an easel, and having your paint sets organized in a cabinet, with your brushes available is perfect so that you’re ready to go! If you want to use the nook for writing, maybe having a desk and your computer or pen and paper readily available. Or if you plan to just sit back and relax near a window, maybe adding some drawers where you can store blankets and pillows, would help create the most perfect space! 


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To complete your nook, make sure you have some table space available to set down your cup of coffee or tea, or the book from time to time. You want to be able to just sit back and relax, and not worry about tensing up because of all the things you have to move. Set this table as close to your chair as possible, so that you can be lazy during your time to relax! On top of the table, maybe adding your favorite calming candle scent, or even an aromatherapy diffuser, would be the perfect pairing to this peaceful nook! 

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