HOW TO : Creating an AMAZING Vignette

Guys, Vignettes are literally one of my go-to decor tricks. Why? Because they’re one of the easiest ways to add a complete and polished space to the look while incorporating a bunch of decor elements into one. If you’re confused about what I’m talking about – let me explain. A Vignette is a way the objects are arranged. It can be the way your wall art is displayed, or the way your plants on the floor are displayed, or even the way your coffee table decor is displayed …. anywhere & anything! Whether it’s on the wall, or if its on a shelf, dresser, or tv stand… wherever it is, a Vignette is the display of a group of objects that make sense and tell a story, and you know we love a good story here at MegMade! So today, we’re going to tell you some of the best ways to make your vignette stand out, tell a story, and be one of the best decor elements of your home!

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To really make your Vignette stand out and become an enhancement in your space, you have to choose the right lighting source for it. Guys, this can make or break your display! If you choose a darker space, the objects will get lost, and actually may give the space a more cluttered and incomplete vibe  – it will kind of look like random objects laying around. But if you choose a space with a lot of light, the objects will be looked at with more importance, purpose, and will feel neat and complete if placed correctly! So when thinking about a spot to create this display, choose a space with lots of natural light! A window sill, or a wall that’s opposite a window, are two great places to start!


Source: Kvarteret Makleri

Playing with the heights of the objects will definitely make your Vignette look amazing! Go in and add shorter items like small jar candles, frames and then offset with taller items like candle holders and vases! If the objects itself aren’t enough, try stacking some books to add some dimension, or adding florals in the vase to bring the height to literally and figuratively the next level!


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We recently wrote a blog about redoing your bookcase, and this trick of the trade came up! Display your objects in odd numbers is a great tip to use when you’re displaying anything! Why? It’s just extremely more visually strong and gives a very peaceful feel to the space. Although we said to play with heights right above this, sometimes if you want to keep it to odd numbers, adding objects of similar heights in a triangular pattern or one in the front one in the back pattern, can be really aesthetically pleasing and bring some depth to the space!


Source:Thous Well

Color can be just the thing to take your Vignette to next level decor goodness! If you have a darker or more neutral-toned color in the space, try adding an object with a pop of bright color to the Vignette. Adding a contrasting color like with some floral, or with a candle, can be very pleasing on the eye, without having to make a statement with larger decor elements in the room. If you have a navy wall, maybe adding a red or orange object in the mix, can be the perfect pairing! If you have very bright and light colors in the space, going in with very dusty, and pastel colors to contrast will work amazingly! You can even play around and have all the items be contrasting in the Vignette, or even do all black and white to make a real statement piece in the room!


Source: Style Curator

On a Surface: Depending on your space, the objects you choose should make sense! Like if you’re creating a display in your kitchen, then definitely go ahead and add a crock, canisters, or salt and pepper shakers within the Vignette! If you’re in the bathroom, adding a soap dispenser, a candle, and some lotion can bring that peaceful aesthetic! If you’re in a living room, maybe frames, a candle, a coaster set, or even a little inspirational wooden sign, would be perfect! The Trick of the trade – if the room seems more casual, an asymmetrical placement works best, and if the room is formal, symmetrical placement is the way to go!

Source:Margot Austin

On a Wall: A wall Vignette is a displaying of art on the wall, and, the same goes for the theme and aesthetic! If you’re in a more formal room, going in with the same shape and sized pieces, in a more orderly fashion, can definitely work well – as the room usually is meant for structure! If you’re in a more informal space, going in with different shaped pieces, like maybe a round-shaped clock or a sunburst design, and placing the objects in a sporadic, but purposely done, way, can really bring the room together while still creating a very laid back vibe!

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