HOW TO : Decorating Your Front Porch for Fall!

This weather guys, I mean, come on! AH-MAZING! It has been so beautiful here in Chicago, the brisk air, the swift breeze, the sweater weather nights… fall is quickly arriving, and I am so here for it. If only it would stay like this, right? But while we have this awesome weather, let’s take advantage of it, and get going with our front porch fall decor! It’s the time where things get cozier, the nights get earlier, the air gets chillier, and the colors get warmer … but for us? We’re getting ready to embrace all that’s to come. So I guess we’re getting readier. Anyways, we are super excited to start decorating, and we’re going to share with you some of the best ways to freshen up your porch for fall 2019!

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Fall brings out everyone’s inner rustic vibes, can you agree? It’s like no matter our decor style, we dive straight into farmhouse chic. But, it’s so good. One way to really embrace that rustic vibe is by decorating with some wooden crates! Wooden crates are so incredible guys. Not only are they super cute and add to the rustic or farmhouse decor style, but they are easy to incorporate into the decor, but are also functional! You can add some plants or pumpkin in the crates, or you can have them as simply a decoration stacked upon each other, to give them just went apple picking vibe. And when you’re done with the fall decor, you can incorporate them into your house, or use them for storage. But there’s more – wooden crates are perfect to add to the front porch decor because they will give you room to play with height and dimension. Treat your front porch like another room in the house! You want things to make sense, and throwing in some crates to stand vertically or lay horizontally, will be a great way to create a very aesthetically pleasing look.


Much like those wooden crates, bushel baskets are an awesome decor element to add to the front porch. Bushel Baskets scream apple picking, and they are so functional for the front porch! Repurposing an old bushel basket is perfect to use as an outdoor planter to plant some seasonal Mums, or to gather some small items like gourds, as a display!


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You can’t go wrong with adding some pumpkins to your front porch. I mean, pumpkins are the ultimate symbol of fall y’all! Some cute ways to incorporate pumpkins this year is by skipping the carving and going right for the decor. Tie a burlap bow around a pumpkin, or painting it a solid color is so in and is part of this whole natural/modern decor style that we’re going to see a lot of this year. Another cute idea to incorporate pumpkins is to paint the numbers of your house address, and display it on the porch! If real pumpkins aren’t your thing, go for the wooden, and metal pumpkins – it will look oh so good on your front porch!

LIGHT IT UP WITH LANTERNSSource: The Crafting Chicks

Lanterns are so in right now! They’re just so beautiful to look at, and with the endless battery-operated candles out there, it’s the perfect way to light up your porch or your walkway when the nights get a little earlier. Depending on your color scheme, large and small lanterns of the same color or of contrasting will look great aligned your steps, or part of a cluster of decor elements on your porch!


A trend for Fall 2019 is definitely the use of metallics! Metallics are great to use in decor because they come in a variety of colors, and offset matte colors very well – to play with the light and dimension in a space. This year, we’re going with metallic with our pumpkin and lantern decor! Incorporating a metallic pumpkin or a lantern on to your front steps to contrast some matte ones, would look amazing! But stay light and neutral with the colors – to bring a very crisp, airy feeling to the space. My suggestion? Go in with metallic mauves and golds, and offset them with ivory, teal, and sage colored decor. Extra tip: Personalize your pumpkins this year! This personalization trend is here to stay guys, and extra points – can be a fun project with the kiddos!


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The large wooden porch signs that say Welcome, Harvest, and Fall, are still so in guys. Like I said earlier, this rustic vibe is everything. There’s something so comfy about the wooden signs. I think it’s just that natural element of wood that makes it feel so cozy, and comforting, and maybe because fall just gets comfier in general – the two make the perfect match. Leaning these sides up against the exterior of your home, or vertically standing against a tree, is something that is easy to do, easy to DIY, and simply amazing to look at. Besides the cute signs, going and adding a cute doormat in the color of your scheme, with a cute little saying, will also really complete the space! 


So maybe this contradicts what I was just saying, but if metallics are not for you, try out some black and white decor! Black and white decor has really become a trend within the last few years, and I have a good feeling it’s here to stay for a while. Black and white looks timeless, and amping up your porch with some black and white plaid cushions, black lanterns, a doormat, white pumpkins, chalkboard signs, and white and black planters, can be just the thing to add some fall decor but in a very minimal way! Everyone can have their own way of styling, and sometimes all it takes is a change in color, to make your porch decorated for a holiday!


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Now, the most important aspect of any front porch – is the front door! To make your door fall-ready, adding a cute leafy wreath, or a small wooden sign is an easy way to decorate your door without overdoing it. If you don’t want to add anything to the door directly, adding symmetrical planters to either side, or creating your little cluster of decor elements next to the door, would be the perfect way to make it a focal point. Adding string lights around the frame, and completing it with a doormat, will seal the deal, and make your porch completely fall ready!

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