How To: Designing Your Home With Antiques

Isn’t it beautiful to walk into your house and feel right at home? It’s like a breath of fresh air on a sunny spring day. What makes a house a home is the decor and elements that represents who you are, and where you came from –  the ultimate pairing, if I may say so myself. Showing who you are, and more importantly, where you are from, brings a sense of peace to your home, that may have been missing! But to do this, there’s something you need to try… start designing your home with antiques!


Antiques tell their own story, and it’s time to tell yours! They are full of character and represent a time from the past. Adding antiques to a room adds purpose to a space that you may have never given a second thought. Sometimes you have an heirloom that was passed down to you, either furniture, or decor elements, that’s been hidden away and forgotten about. But no more! Embrace your favorite parts of your past, and display that piece to help tell your story. Perhaps you have a coo-coo clock from your childhood home, or maybe it’s something completely different like displaying the original hardwoods that were hidden under a shag rug. Whatever it may be, bringing the past to life, will give your space a timeless vibe, while still keeping it modern and updated.


In order to be timeless, we may have to do some adjustments to the antique. Not every antique needs to be changed, but simply adding things like new hardware to an antique hope chest, or changing the upholstery on your grandfather’s yellow velvet couch, can give a purpose to the antique that has been sitting in storage and not being used. We’re not trying to cover up the past, but we’re trying to introduce it – in a new and updated fashion. Adding a vintage lamp shade and swapping it from your current one, can make a drastic difference without a drastic change. It’s all about embracing the older elements, and using them to enhance what’s already there.


Designing with antiques doesn’t always have to be so dramatic. You can accomplish the same purpose, with some little adjustments! If you have a vintage camera, or a vintage set of dinner plates, displaying these items in a curio cabinet or on a fireplace mantle, would be a very small but seamless transition in bringing the past to life. What about adding an actual vintage milk can to a space? I know you’ve seen them around in the stores, but adding a vintage one that has a beautiful patina, can really enhance the space as well. You can use it practically and add it as a side table, or you can just display it in the room to add some character. These items aren’t things you would typically use nowadays, and adding these past elements and material items that have be stowed away, can now become part of your present day decor!


Accentuating the space, is a must while dealing with antiques! Rather than just adding antique elements, it’s time to use them to actually enhance the space you all ready have. Adding an antique love seat, or a rug from the past, can bring your room to life, while creating dimension. The shape of antique furniture is very different from today, so adding a piece to the room will become a beautiful and original accent that no-one else is going to have.  A lot of antique pieces were also made with vibrant colors, so adding those colors to a monotone room, can do it wonders! Antique mirrors are also a great addition to enhance your space. Using an antique mirror as decor, isn’t only functional, but a literal reflection of the past. Much like paintings too! Displaying a vintage painting, can instantly remind you of a different time. Even the actual frame of the painting can be used to enhance the space. Or you can always reframe the older painting, while keeping the vintage picture, to modernize it with the frame. Somewhat symbolic, if you ask me.


We often forget about the outside of our home. But that’s the first thing we see when entering our house! Installing an antique door, or outlining your porch with vintage flower pots, with new vibrant flowers, can create an instant welcoming aesthetic, before you even walk through the door! Vintage garden trinkets, can be a wonderful addition to your garden, as you place the past in a place that embraces new life and growth. No matter what the antique is or where you are incorporating it, remember to be creative! Introducing older pieces can bring a new life to the space while making it feel more like you. It’s all about going for it and embracing it. Your past is a part of you, and embracing it in your home, can bring fulfillment, gratitude, acceptance and a sense of humbleness that you and your home had been waiting for.

*cover photo source: Centered By Design


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