How to Ease Your Way Into Rustic Decor

Sometimes, things in life are just a little bit too complete. I mean, listen, I love a complete atmosphere more than the next person, but when things are almost too matched up, it can get kind of boring but also overwhelming. If you need a break from all this tightness, maybe it’s time to decorate with a bit more of an unfinished look – like with some rustic decor. I mean I think we can all agree that rustic decor has literally taken over interior design for the last few years. There’s just something so aesthetically pleasing about rustic decor, as it brings a very relaxed and cozy vibe to the space, without overachieving. It’s the best mix of natural meets purposeful, and although it’s very naturesque, it can be seamlessly added to any type of aesthetic to help tone down the overall volume and attitude in the room! Today, we’re going to give you some simple ways to ease into decorating for the rustic style – and believe me, you’re going to love it!


Source: We Heart Rustic

To bring a rustic vibe to the space, you have first go in with some natural textiles, that will literally give you the feel of being raw and almost unfinished. Adding tan linen fabrics for curtains, or burlap table runners, and going in with cotton and light and airy materials, are a great place to start! The idea behind the textiles is to make them seem like they’re natural elements that would kind of bring the outside in. The lighter and more natural materials will bring an airy vibe to the space, that kind of mimics the outdoors!


So, it technically doesn’t always have to be chippy, but the idea of having some shabby looking  paint on your furniture, is something that has become one of the focal points for rustic decor. It truly represents that unfinished, and vintage, or worn vibe… all of which screams rustic! Whether it’s called distressed or weathered, the chippier the look – the better!


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So, if you hear the word rustic, I’m sure you go right to wooden accents. Well, you couldn’t be more right! Adding wooden elements with furniture, decor accents, shiplap walls, wooden mirror frames… I mean basically wood anything, will definitely give your space those rustic vibes you’re craving. Wood is as natural as it can get, and going in with the raw wood elements, especially because a lot of wood is just naturally uneven and so forth, makes for the perfect purposefully placed but unfinished look!


So although not exactly the same, they both do produce light, and one things for sure, going in with more vintage styled lighting styles, definitely screams rustic! Why? Same reason as all the others, it just brings the idea of being outside, inside! Edison bulb chandeliers, look amazing in a rustic style home. But if you’re not ready to play with your electrical, going in and adding some tall wooden lanterns with some LED candles, is the perfect way to set the mood for rustic decor.


Source: Lakeside

Another way to instantly turn your space into a rustic vibe would be to add some metal accents! Adding some galvanized buckets where you can store some blankets, or some metal wall accents like a windmill design, or some metal serving trays that you keep out for decor, are perfect ways to seamlessly add metal to the room without overdoing it!  Besides these decor elements, adding small metal pieces like hardware, can also be a way to transition into some good rustic vibes.

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