How to: Eclectic Dining Rooms

Creating a cool eclectic room can be really hard. Does this really go together? Will it look cool or all over the place? It is easier to just buy a dining table with matching chairs- sure. But is it the best choice? Maybe. Maybe not. If you want an eclectic look, you usually have to be willing to take a risk. So let’s take a look at some ways you can achieve an eclectic look in a dining room!

This is my dining room, as you’ve seen before on this blog. You get an eclectic feel here from the mix of bold patterns (the wallpaper and the rug). The dining table and chairs are a set, but they are vintage, which helps to bring in a vintage, unique feel. We could’ve easily done more modern chairs here too (maybe someday we will!). 

I love love love this dining room from Design Sponge. How cool are those chairs?! And don’t they work great with this vintage pedestal table? The glossy finish of the table helps to tie in the shine on the brass chair frames.

A good idea is to find some element that ties the pieces together, and look for balance in the shapes. These chairs are big and heavy which matches the table, and they are shiny like the table. Those elements help to give them a sense of belonging with the table. 

Image from Design Sponge

We’ve definitely had many tables like this in before. And the buffet behind it! Refinishing the vintage pieces helps to connect them to more modern furniture. Here, the rounded seats correspond to the rounded table ends, which ties them together. 

Image from Sugar and Cloth

Here, we have the rounded element in common again, but also a shared matte finish between the chairs and the table. The chairs and table do not need to share the same finish. If the chairs are very glossy and the table has a matte finish, just make sure some other element brings them together- such as color, shape, size, or style.

We have some amazing vintage tables like these. Come by and we will design an eclectic dining room like this together

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