How to : Incorporate Color Into Your Home

It’s hard not to get caught up in the neutral toned decor for your home. I mean, how can you not? The grays, the taupes, the tans… all so beautiful and welcoming and cozy. Plus, they go with everything and anything! But, guys it’s seriously time to make some minor changes. Our homes are missing one important thing…. a statement of color! Incorporating color into your home, can give your home the light that it’s been missing. Whether you’re easing your way into color by throwing some throw pillows on the couch, or if you’re making a bold choice and going all in by painting your cabinetry – adding color can be an effortless way to make a statement.  If you follow Meg Made, you know that we LOVE color and we love to enhance our vintage finds with colors that stand out, and make a statement. Take it from us, it’s time for you to add some color into your decor, because it simply brings life to the space and reinvents it in a new and exciting way!


If you’re unsure about how to add color, and honestly a bit nervous… start off small with some throw pillows or an accent rug! When you’re walking down the pillow and rug aisle in the store, look at the colors you’re drawn to, but also think, what vibe do I want to bring to the space? If you see a color that looks peaceful and happy, choose and start with that! If you want the room to be show balance and harmony, like in a living room or bedroom, choosing colors like blue and green, are a must! If you’re looking for some focus and energy like in an office, orange and yellow are two awesome choices! Regardless of which color though, pillows and rugs are both so interchangeable and can be as temporary as you want them to be, so playing with these is way to ease into incorporating color. If you’re not ready to add finishes to the space, creating a floral arrangement full of color and different flowers, can be an inexpensive way to bring balance to the space, and can be a fun project for you and the kiddos!

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I think it goes without saying, that painting furniture, and making it pop with color, is something that literally brings me so much joy and peace. Our go to colors here at Meg Made are: Green, Navy, Pink, Dark Yellows, and yes, White and Black can be considered colors!  But it’s definitely not limited to only those. We do many customized furniture orders, where people want all different colors – it makes them not only happy, but helps them appreciate the piece that much more. Sometimes in our homes, our furniture is just kind of there, taking up space, or even hidden away where you don’t even notice it – no more! Painting your furniture with a purposeful attitude, will help reinvent the piece, while brining new life to the space, and for the piece itself. But remember this, colored furniture doesn’t only mean painted furniture, playing with the materials and upholstery of your sofa, accent chair, or dining room chairs, will provide the same purpose of color to the room.

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Now that the kitchen has color, we have to add color to everywhere else in the house! Adding some colored wall art, or even a vibrant patterned wallpaper, can be an intricate way of adding color into your home. Choosing a painting or piece of art, or just simply wall decor, that mainly matches your decor but with some accent color, would be a great start. From the colors of the wall decor, you can then choose to add more accents like pillows and things, and build from there. Adding a wallpaper can also be a bold statement for color. There are so many different options when it comes too wallpaper and the designs and colors. We just re-did our store’s bathroom, and we added a green leafy wallpaper into the mix – and I must say, it came out amazing. Wallpaper also helps establish an overall vibe for the room because of the texture! If you have built ins in your home, another way to incorporate color that may not be so expected is to paint the beadboards of the built ins with a pop of color!


Source: Eclectic Home Decor Today


Although I don’t mean to literally color on your walls, the things that are on your wall can be a fun way to incorporate some color! Painting your wall may be the more obvious choice as to adding color into the space, but we can definitely make a bolder choice than that. If you’re ready to make a bold move, paining the cabinetry an accent color could bring a true statement to the room, like no other. Whether going with a navy blue toned cabinetry, or a teal, or even going two toned, with white cabinetry on top and pink for the bottom cabinetry, color on cabinets is a beautiful addition to the decor. If this is a little too bold for you, adding a colored backsplash to the kitchen with tile, can be a more subtle addition of color. Or if that’s still too bold, painting the kitchen island a different color for an accent, would be an amazing choice.

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You heard that right. If incorporating color into decor with paint and finishes is not your cup of tea, you can add color by using colored utensils and serving ware! One of my favorite bowls to use is this bright yellow salad bowl! It brings color to the dinner table, and just brightens up the tablescape for the time being. Having colored mugs for your morning coffee or tea, or even having a set of dishes with a pattern or pop of color, will make a big difference for such a little and simple color choice.


All in all, playing around with color in the ways that make you comfortable, is something you should try out. It’s definitely something you may need to ease into, but I promise, it is so worth it in the end.

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