It’s not Halloween if you haven’t seen someone dressed as a witch with some striped purple and black stockings running around! Am I right? I feel like when I think Halloween, my mind suddenly goes straight to that, is it only me? Anyways, y’all I have this love-hate relationship with stripes when it comes decor. I love them because they can really bring some dimension and design to the space, but sometimes I hate them because they can make things look clutters and disorganized. But today, we are going to show you just how to stripe up your life, with some easy ways to incorporate stripes into your decor!


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First things first, if you want to do some bold accent walls, stripes are always an amazing way to go! But before you dive in and stripe up the wall, think about what you want this accent walls purpose to be. The best thing about stripes is that they can actually be purposefully placed to enhance the space. If you want the room to seem wider and more spacious, go on in and add some horizontal stripes to the main wall that you see when you walk in the room. If you want the room to seem taller and brighter, adding vertical stripes on that same wall will help do just that. Whether you want to paint them on or use some wallpaper, stripes can be an easy and inexpensive way to make a simple yet bold change to the room.


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Wall art is the way to go to add some stripes in a daring way. Going in with some geometric art can be a way to brighten up a neutral-toned room. Whether the wall art is black and white or colored, stripes are very pleasing on the eye and can give the room a feeling of satisfaction that it may have been missing. That being said, art doesn’t only have to be on the walls! A striped vase, frame, even a metal basket made in strips, can bring out some stripes in the room!


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One of my favorite ways to incorporate stripes is to use it in upholstery! What’s so great about stripes is that you don’t have to go huge to make the statement. Having a striped gray accent chair, or some striped pillows can just be the finishing touch to add some dimension and contrast to the room. A thin-lined gray bedspread is also a great touch to a bedroom. If you’re nervous about the boldness of stripes, try starting small with some striped towels, or even a striped throw blanket. When choosing your textiles, think about how they are going to be used in the room, and in what way can these offset other elements – that will help you make your decision!


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Our floors, unless you have rug throughout, basically adhere to the pattern of stripes. The planks on our wooden, or tile floors go in unison across the space, giving an illusion stripe pattern to the space. That being said, let’s bring those floors out, and add a striped rug in the mix. A striped rug is great because it helps bring notice to the ground below us. Not that we typically want to be looked down, but it helps us see the whole room from the bottom, up, which sometimes goes unnoticed. The best way to incorporate a striped rug is in the entryway. If you want to make the space seem bigger, go with a striped runner or something with vertical stripes, to make it elongated.

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