HOW TO : Incorporating Bold Upholstery

Being bold has its perks, but being bold with your upholstery? That’s so good. Bold upholstery gives that space that’s missing that extra something, a little more oomph. And guys, there are some awesome ways to add these bold options to your decor without overwhelming the space! Whether you want to go bold with your sofa upholstery, or create some boldness of its own and upholster your headboard,  there are so many ways that it can be added, and in ways that will give your space a touch of some customization and a personality of its own!


Well, it may be a more obvious choice but incorporating pattern into your upholstery is definitely an easy way to go bold, without going bold with color. Patterns can be loud enough, so adding a black or white pattern to an accent chair or with some pillows, can definitely brighten the space without the extra color. But, that being said, you can definitely do pattern AND color. I mean, can you say ah-mazing? Adding some leafy green pillows into the mix of some solid colored pillows can be a simple bold choice that won’t overwhelm the space. Either way, it’s important to choose upholstery that’s loud but not screaming. There’es a difference. Choosing upholstery that won’t take over all the other decor elements in the room is something that needs to be considered before choosing!

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Going bold with your upholstery doesn’t mean that you need to use patterns. Choosing a different color than the rest of your upholstery as an accent point can be a great way to go bold while keeping the volume low. Choosing a pop of color whether it’s with an accent chair. Or adding some colored pillows to the mix can be a simple way of making bolder choices. My suggestion to go bold is to choose some colors that you are afraid of. Seriously. If you’re afraid of adding a mauvey pink into the mix, try it out anyway! You will be so surprised at how awesome it could look, and not only is it a bold color choice but a bold move on your part as well! Double the bold points. 


So we’re all about texting these days, oh wait, I mean TEXTURE! Yes, guys, texture is a way to go bold, without having to rely on adding color and patterns into your life. Sometimes, all it takes is to throw some velvet on your sofa, and it can change everything! Playing around with textures is a fun way to stay in your comfort zone but branch out just a bit. You can incorporate leather into your space by purchasing a leather ottoman to offset your cotton couch! You can upholster your couch with some velvet fabric that will offset your wood floors. You can incorporate cotton or wool to make the room feel more natural and casual with your rugs and curtains! Or you can add some silk pillows and blankets to really give the space a luxurious feel. Different textures are one of my favorite things to play around with when it comes to upholstery. Not only is it an easy fix, but it’s also a great way to offset some of the best features of your home.

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If patterns, colors, and textures just aren’t bold enough for you – try adding upholstery where it normally wouldn’t be! Adding fabric to your headboard or the bed frame is a great way to make some bolder moves but in a fun and inventive way! Even adding upholstery to the lining, and backing of a bookcase or even on furniture pieces. Or, creating an upholstery valence for your windows – are all awesome options to having some bold goodness in your decor.


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All in all, being bold can bring out the best parts of life. Sometimes all it takes is a little boldness to get things moving and grooving in your life, and the same goes for your home decor. Just make sure to always be creative, and try out some new things! The great thing is, all of these elements are temporary and you can always change it up if you’re not loving what you see. Go bold or go home!

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