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One of my absolute favorite decor must-haves is a lantern! I LOVE lanterns! They are so aesthetically pleasing, they are so versatile, and they give an instant cozy vibe, and they literally just add to the ambiance in every space. You can use them for the main feature element like a centerpiece or lightning source, or you can simply add them to give the space a little more decor. Lanterns are so great for almost any season and can be dressed up to match any season as well, but they bring that extra special vibe during the fall! Whether you’re adding LED candles, or adding seasonal items like florals, pumpkins or pine cones, or cranberries ( plus a ton of other things), lanterns always show up and look amazing in the space! Today, we’re going to show you the best way to incorporate lanterns into your decor!

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Table Tops: Lanterns are great to use as a tabletop centerpiece. Not only can they provide height to the space, but they also can bring contrast and dimension, as you can do lanterns in opposing colors, and one tall and one smaller. As a centerpiece, a lantern can bring that very candle-lit dinner vibe, without all the candles! A cute way to dress it up would also be to add some florals inside, or around it – making it the absolute perfect seasonal centerpiece that you can change with the weather!

On Shelves or Mantle: If you’re putting your lantern on a shelf or mantle, make sure to make it parallel with something that complements its height or width. Rule of thumb, make something shorter sit aside it, and on the other side, make something match it! Adding multiple lanterns to these spaces also look super amazing – especially at night, when you want some dim light to snuggle up and watch tv with!

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In the Corners: Lanterns are easily the best decor element to place in a corner when you’re not sure what to put there. Corners sometimes look way too empty, but they’re so small that it’s hard to fit a lot of elements! This is where lanterns come in. Find an extra tall lantern, and offset it with a medium and smaller one – making a vignette in your corner! There’s something about lanterns resting on the floor, that just complete the space from the ground up!

On the Counter: Sometimes a lantern is just the thing that you need to add to your countertop! Having two similar lanterns, one on each side of your stove looks so nice and really can add some decoration to your appliances. Likewise, adding a lantern caddy cornered on your bathroom countertop can make the space feel more relaxing and complete.

Side Tables: Side tables just need a lantern to complete it – if you ask me. Having similar lanterns on each side of your bed, really will complement the space well, and add some height, especially if you’re table is lower than the bed!


Source: Pottery Barn

Steps: One of my favorite ways to incorporate lanterns outside is by outlining the steps with them! Lights outside are one of my favorite things – is it just me or does it make it look like a hotel or something? Either way – I love it! Adding lanterns, 2 on each step, or alternating each step, are two great ways to outline them.

Front Porch: I think this goes without saying, but having a lantern on your porch is like a must nowadays! They look so festive and cozy sitting on your front porch, and especially adding an LED light to it, is the perfect way to add some light to the front of your house during the night. Adding some lanterns hanging from your columns or from the exterior of the house – also is amazing way to incorporate them into the outdoors!

Source: Well Appointed House

In the Garden: Sometimes all it takes is a lantern to make your garden complete. Hear me out here, maybe it’s not the typical place for a lantern, but if you’re struggling with finding some garden statues, and your garden just doesn’t seem complete – try adding a lantern with some LED candles, or maybe setting a pot with flowers in it!

Outlining the Pool: Now that I think of it, I haven’t done a pool decor blog, but I guess lookout for that next summer, anyways, outing your pool, whether you have an above or in-ground, with lanterns will instantly give you spa-like vibes, and will help make the space just that much more inviting!

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