Y’all know we love a good floral arrangement here at MegMade, and since the official start of winter is literally coming in the next 10 days – we need to make sure our florals are looking winter-ready and ready to go! There’s something magical about winter florals. I’m not sure if it’s the beautiful abundance of fresh greenery or the whimsical look of freshly fallen snow on our gardens and trees. Whatever it is, we’re here for it, and we love to embrace all that winter has to offer. Since it’s a bit cold outside, let’s try to bring the outside – in, and make some amazing florals atop our fireplace, tables or even in our tall standing vases! Today, we’re giving you all you need to make the perfect winter floral arrangement right now!

*featured image by Temple Square 


It is so important to add some greenery into your winter floral mixes. If you’re going greener, think juniper and cedar branches. Both bring such a vibrant green color into the mix, and will truly bring some winter vibes. You can also go in and add some evergreens – I mean, can we get any more Christmasy than that? But seriously, greenery will make this winter floral arrangement to the next level! Greenery gives a very grounding vibe, and with the lack of full and vibrant flowers during this time of year, greenery is the perfect color to offset even the lightest shades!


A floral option that looks amazing in your winter mix is roses! I mean, roses literally fit every season right? They’re timeless and classic, but y’all – red roses mixed in your winter floral arrangement literally looks next level amazingness. 


So one thing I love to add to my winter arrangements is some good ol’ branches. Branches are great because they not only add height, but they give you that true winter vibe. Plus, if you’re into the rustic decor, adding the branches really makes for the absolute perfect naturesque, I just cut down, some firewood vibe that we all love. If you want to take your floral arrangement to an even higher level – adding pinecones will seal the deal! Pinecones are so wintery, and bring some of those natural cozy elements, in! Maybe even try coating them with some burgundy paint (like in our featured image), for an extra amazing look! 


Is it even a winter floral arrangement if there aren’t some berries? Adding berries to the mix is a MUST to create the ultimate winter floral arrangement. The red contrasting with the greens and white look so amazing paired together!


Going in with some white-colored flowers or some cotton branches are the best way to go! Flowers like Pansies, Nemesia, snapdragons, Sweet Alyssum, and Flowering Stock, are all perfect winter plants and will look oh so amazing next to your greenery. Other than flowers, going in with some cotton stems will also look amazing!

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