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Candle holders are a must decor element to place on your mantles this winter. The wooden candle holders, are so rustic and bring so many cozy, camp-fire vibe, that it will literally transform your mantle to a place of gathering for the holiday season. A great way to add some candle holders to your mantle is by adding an odd number of candle holders and placing them parallel to each other with two on one side, and one on the other! Also, alternating sizes are so aesthetically pleasing, and will really become a decor element in and of itself!


Frames are an awesome way to create the perfect mantle for winter. I mean technically you don’t have to have winter-themed frames to complete the space, but adding some photos that make you feel cozy or perhaps make you remember a time that brings joy and the feeling of connection, is perfect for this winter mantle! Although, going in with chippy white frames, some metallic gold or silver, and even black to complement some pops of color like red or green, will definitely bring holiday, winter vibes all in one!


If you don’t want to go in with a third candle holder, adding a vase or lantern parallel to the candle holders can be a perfect way to dress up the mantle! Going in with a metallic vase or a metal vase is the perfect way to dress up the mantle for winter. If you’re going in with the vase, then you have to add some awesome winter-themed foliage into the mix! Going in with some pine cones, pine leaves, cranberries, white florals, and cotton stems would look amazing! Going in with a lantern also will bring the cozy vibes, as you can add some battery operated candles in, bringing you some candle-lit evenings while watching tv and cuddling up on the couch!



Now that your mantle is set and complete, one of the best finishing touches is to add some greenery! Garland can either be placed on top to outline the mantle or hanging slightly below the edge, attached from one end to the other. Going in with some evergreen vibe garland, or some garland wrapped with pinecone decor and hits of snow is a must! Flocked garland is also an amazing option this year, as it will match this year’s biggest tree trend- flocked trees!


Although it isn’t technically winter-themed and more Christmas, we will get to that later, adding stockings, mini-Christmas trees, snow-covered decor, and all the trimmings like aspects of birch wood, ornaments, or even a cute little sleigh, is the best way to dress up your mantle for the holiday season!


Although not technically on the mantle, before your mantle is complete, adding a wooden crate or woven basket, is the absolute perfect way to make the whole fireplace space winter-ready! In that wooden crate, going in and adding a blanket or some winteresque pillows, would be the perfect way to set the cozy vibe! If that’s not your style, getting an amazing wood holder or place to place all the real firewood, would be a beautiful touch to the fireplace aesthetic. Or, if you want to add to some holiday cheer – a mini evergreen may do the trick.

** Please note:  Be mindful when decorating your mantle about fire safety, and take caution while placing your items, and the materials they are made from.

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