I have never been so excited y’all to write this blog! This blog is the start of a ton of festive feels to come, and this blog means – it’s the beginning of the holidays! Yes! I can’t even begin to imagine how quick this year is going, but the fact that Thanksgiving is literally in 22 days, kind of excites me but also kind of scares me? Right? We have 22 days guys to get our stuffing together (Sorry) and if you’re hosting Thanksgiving, you’re definitely going to want a festive, tablescape to match. I mean no matter how beautiful the cranberry sauce and yams look, we need some decor to go along with the devour that’s going to occur. Today we’re giving you some of the must-have decor items for your Thanksgiving Tablescapes, to take that table to next level.

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To make our table Thanksgiving ready, it’s essential to have an amazing fall centerpiece. Whether you want to do some florals in a vase, a candle holder with candles, a pumpkin, or even a decor turkey, a centerpiece will bring it all together. Think color when choosing this tablescape. This season is all about harvest, and the amazing colors that come with that – so embrace it, and make that table something to show off!


Source: Modern-Glam

Linens are your next stop for creating the perfect Thanksgiving  Tablescape. With the linens, think natural colors. Natural rust and orange colors, browns, tans, beiges – all those warm, naturally occurring colors in the outdoors. Start with either the darkest or lightest color, and go lighter or darker as you go. For example, if you want to go dark with the table cloth, go in with lighter shades for the placemats, table runner, napkins and so forth. If you want to start light with the tablecloth, go in with darker shades for the rest of the linens.






On top of the basics, there are so many cute little things that you can add to make the table that much more special. Maybe you want to add some place setting cards, or some leaf-inspired serving dishes, or maybe just some simple decor elements. Whatever it is, make sure to make your table represent all that you are, and all that this holiday is about!

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