The word modern and modern decor is a term that’s often thrown around. Of course, technically speaking, anything today is “modern,” but, believe it or not, there’s a whole decor style that is – well, modern. Modern decor is often confused with contemporary decor. And although the two are often used interchangeably, they couldn’t be more different! Contemporary is whatever design is happening in the moment. Modern on the other hand embraces the past elements and has an actual set of guidelines and a very distinguishable aesthetic. That being said, modern technically could be contemporary, if modern is in right now. But that’s a blog for a different day. But today, we’re going to break it down for you and share what it takes to create some modern decor – and if you want to embrace the simple things in life, keep on reading! 

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Horizontal and vertical lines are totally embraced in modern decor! The idea behind these vivid lines is to emphasize the shaping of your pieces and to have little disturbance between your pieces! The sharp lines bring a very sleek, finished, and decluttered feel to the space and has little room to blend with the other colors and furniture around it. Since modern decor is all about a feeling of openness and the airiness that comes from natural lighting, the furniture and decor elements need to feel crisp. Adding pieces that are very flat yet sharply shaped, is a must to create this look! But because it is so sharp looking, there needs to be a balance with some natural materials! 


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When you think modern, if you’re like me, your mind may shift right to metal appliances, steel countertops – maybe even metal hardware (YES, you know we love that)! But guys, it’s so more than just metal! Modern design is all about embracing natural elements like wood, steel, metal, leather and other natural fibers like wool and cotton, to create a balance between the crispness of the furniture, but adding some cozy vibes as well. Sometimes the sharpness of the furniture can bring a very heavy vibe to the space. And since most things in life are not made from perfect lines and so forth,  and because of adding some natural elements like a wood beam, for instance, will offset that heavy vibe and bring in some neutral ground to maintain the lightness of the space.  Speaking of ground, a big aspect of modern decor is to keep things low in height, so a lot of modern furniture is shorter and closer to the ground. Keeping things grounded if you ask me. 


Along with natural materials, Modern decor emphasizes reflection. Using materials that reflect such as metal, steel, and glass, are all aspects that definitely need to be added to the decor. It’s something about the way the lights shine on the materials that gives a very industrial yet sophisticated vibe – which definitely screams modern! 


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If you are lucky enough to have some natural gorgeous wooden beams, concrete floors, or a beautiful brick wall in your home, expose it! It will really give you that modern look. Nothing is more modern than having a red tone brick wall, with the offset of some metal and natural tones, and some cozy ivory linens if you ask me. Modern is all about that balance, and being able to expose those original aspects of your home, brings character and dimension to the space, that is much needed with the serious vibes that modern brings!


Source: My Scandinavian Home

If you’re looking to go modern, the color scheme you incorporate into the decor is extremely important! The thing with modern is that since it is typically designed with the ideas of the past and mid-century, the colors DO matter! Colors that have an earthier hue such as,  rust, turquoise, brown and olive greens are all considered modern. But one thing that is typical for modern homes is the addition of a bright pop of color – orange, red, yellow, green, but in a warmer tone, are all great options. Modern is all about contrast and balance, and that’s why the light, dark and bright colors all mesh for a very cohesive, modern look.


All in all, although modern decor embraces sharp lines, and natural elements, the main idea is to have things remain simple. The whole idea behind the balance of elements, is to create a space that isn’t too much of one thing, it’s simply meshed together to create what we know as modern! Modern embraces simplicity, and the plainer things in life. Having unadorned windows, plain textiles and linens, and upholstery without a lot of pattern or design, and a very clean and decluttered space is kind of the whole essence behind modern decor!

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