HOW TO : Style for your Style 

We all have a style, right? Whether we like modern, contemporary, transitional, rustic or even a mix of all the above – we’ve all got style, but sometimes we’re not sure how to incorporate it into our homes! Listen, there’s no right answer to styling because realistically, you can have your own style which means you can just like what you like. But, for the purpose of this blog and to help you with some ways to ease into your fav style trend, we’re going to show you how to take on a style trend and incorporate it into your home!


Transitional is one of the best styles, I think at least. It kind of just mixes the most perfect elements of everything, bringing you some stylistic goodness y’all! To master, the transitional trend think comfort first! With transitional, we’re focused on the things that can literally transition through time which means comfy if it’s going to stick around. Which leads me into the next element – timeless decor! In order to match this style, timeless is the way to go. Think of lamps that can survive through the endless trends or textiles that can last forever. With that, and probably the most important element, the mixing of modern and classic elements is a MUST! A little from the past and a little from the present makes this style lasting for the future!


Y’all I have to admit, we don’t talk about the coastal style that much, and listen being in Chicago and not having so much of a coast, it’s not the typical decor! But for all you west coast and east coast designers, we’re going to show you how to do coastal! Nautical accents are obviously a must if you want to master the coastal look. And I’m not saying going shell crazy, but going in with some coastal decor like coral structures can be just that! That being said, following the coastal decor, going in with organic textures will surely bring that laid back, relaxing, not taking life to seriously vibe! Lastly, casual comfort is the way to go for coastal. It doesn’t have to be luxurious, and it doesn’t have to be anything too modern, it’s just gotta be comfy with some organicness vibes!


Although we are in a state of transitioning from farmhouse to European countryside; rustic still exists and takes the best of both worlds. To master rustic, you have to start with earthy tones! Earthy tones are the epitome of rustic because y’all- it just is! Rustic is all about the natural elements of the earth so browns, blacks, greens, oranges, and grays are the best for this trend! Next is exposed wood grain- you can’t have rustic without some wood grain showing! And to offset the natural wood grains, going in with some neutral leathers will be the perfect thing to offset the rustic-ness of the wood but still complement it with the softness of leather!


Modern is definitely a trend that I’ve truly grown to love, it’s a very sharp trend, and lavish if that makes sense. It’s kind of like not exactly luxury but still so Elequoent with a rich feel! Either way, to master this look you have to think three things, geometric design, simple decor and statement makers- all in one! Starting with simple decors like simple colors and straight-lined pieces and offsetting it with some geometric patterns in the textiles and wall art is what modern is all about. But, you can’t forget that statement maker with some bold accents colors or choices!

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