On this Christmas week, we’re showing you this STUNNING Metal Base Cerused Tall Boy! Y’all we hit this one out of the park.


This piece is like the perfect piece, because it came to use looking outdated, and chunky and heavy, and we lifted it’s spirited, literally and figuratively, to make it look light, airy, and perfect for any space! Y’all know we are a sucker for some metal bases – and that’s exactly what we did to make this piece light on it’s toes. Going with a metal base, brought this piece back to modern-day, while still keeping its vintage aspects like with hardware, and shape. AND THAT WOOD GRAIN. Do I have to say any more?


We chose gray because we were completely focused on bringing this piece some light and airy qualities. But y’all that original wood grain was just too amazing to cover, so we did a LIGHT wash to make this piece pop, and it sure did! Offsetting the gray with some gold elements, just made this piece that much more modern and loveable, if you ask me. The shiny bright gold, offsetting the matte light gray, is a match made in design heaven – and literally making this piece a transitional decor element that anyone can love!

MegMade Before + After – Metal Base Cerused Tallboy

We hit this one out of the park! The before and after on this is incredible! Let us know what you think!

Posted by MegMade on Tuesday, 29 October 2019

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