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I cannot tell you how many people come in and say “if only furniture could speak.” That is the beauty of vintage furniture. It has lived a life, sometimes many. Painting or refinishing pieces that are heirlooms can be a little scary for some as they have such sentimental value, but I love it. I love the story that comes with the piece and I respect that people are re-inventing it to bring it up to date.

To kick off this new series of “If Furniture Could Speak,” we are starting with a friend of mine, blogger Nicole Regan from Cedar and Rush. She and her mom came in and might I add they are the cutest duo ever! They were so fun to talk to and dream about kids, grandkids and design with. I sent a few questions over her way so that you could directly from her about her experience with bringing a family piece back to life! Nicole is actually due next week, so we are very excited for there to be a little baby in this perfectly designed nursery.

Name: Nicole Regan
Location: Elmhurst, IL
Profession: Social Media Consultant and the blogger behind the fashion and entertaining blog, Cedar & Rush.

What would you say is your style?

Mixed! It’s the juxtaposition of modern, classic, Hollywood regency, mid-century, along with new and vintage that makes my heart beat. But if I had to chose one, I’d say I lean towards traditional.

What piece did you have us refinish and why?

It’s my mother’s old chifforobe she had as a baby. She’s kept it allll these years and gave it to us as a baby gift for our first born – who is due this month! It’s one of the coolest and most thoughtful gifts we’ve ever received.


Where will you use this piece in your home?

The nursery.

How did you decide to go vintage instead of new?

I believe every room should have ONE or more vintage pieces. It makes a room feel more interesting and layered in my opinion. Not to mention, vintage means one-of-a-kind that no one else has!

Was it hard for you to paint something that was a family heirloom?

Not at all. For two reasons. 1. The chifforobe hadn’t been touched since my mom was a baby – so it needed all the love and care in the world. 2. MegMade’s expertise and process put us at ease right away. Choosing a color, finish and hardware can seem daunting at first – but the team knew exactly how to guide us, while still allowing us to have our vision and direction.

How did you choose the finish?

We knew we wanted something neutral and classic, so it will grow with our baby and our style for years to come. Not to mention, we aren’t finding out if we’re having a girl or a boy, so blue or pink was out of the question. As mentioned above, MegMade helped us narrow down our decision to something they knew would really stand out given the style and size of our piece.


How is it special to you that this piece is continuing in your family?

It’s priceless! Not only is it different from what anyone else has, but people just LOVE hearing the story behind it. It’s like a little secret you have to know about. I can’t wait to pass it down to our children’s children.

Are you happy with the finished result?

Absolutely! It’s the showstopper of the room! I’ve also been following Meg and MegMade for yeeeeaaaarrrrsss, so ti finally have a piece is like crossing off a bucket list item!

Oh, Nicole, we are so thrilled that you are happy with your piece and love how you decorated around it! Can’t wait to meet the baby and find out what it is! Whether girl or boy, he/she is lucky to have such a fun mama!

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