In Process: My Parents’ New House!

I grew up in Kansas City and my family still lives there. My parents just bought a new house for their next chapter and I’m super thrilled that they are letting me help them design it! It’s been such a fun project for me, because they have a lot of space and can do things I am unable to do in my house. This house has incredible bones, but needs a lot of updating.
It’s a really cute house and has beautiful ceilings and architectural details throughout. Houses like these make me want to move to the suburbs! Look at that yard!
Here are a few before pictures to give you an idea of the inside… kitchen needed a total rehaul. It is still coming along, but scroll down to see our progress so far. It can be difficult to make all these choices remotely, but it’s also incredible that I can even do this without going to the space regularly! I can find things in Chicago and ship it, I can order online, I can talk to contractors and pick stone all from miles and miles away. So this was one of the rooms when they first purchased the house… no need to elaborate on that one!

Okay, now the fun part. I love getting pictures from my mom as our vision for the place begins to take shape. My parents have certainly had input on the design, but they’ve also given me a lot of slack to sort of run away with. After all, I know them and so it won’t be anything I know they’d hate. If it were my house, I would still probably make some different choices, but I’m not having a problem finding things we can both agree on. 

Flooring is all getting finished up! This guest bathroom has a MegMade dresser for the vanity, of course. I loved this piece when we got it in and knew it would work great in this bathroom. It fits SO perfectly. I can’t wait to get all the other elements in there and take photographs to share with you all.
The kitchen is really coming along! Remember that dark wood room up there ^? Look at how it has already transformed. This is going to be a super functional space and be so much brighter than what was there before. I can’t wait to show you the countertops we choose ? My kids will eat Mimi out of house and home so we better get that fridge in there soon!

Follow along and, hopefully soon, I will be sharing some completed shots!

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