We often forget about our bathrooms when it comes to decor. It’s not that we necessarily forget about decorating it, but so much happens in the bathroom that sometimes it’s easier to keep the decor elements and the colors neutral, to easily clean up and keep things tidy. It’s where the kiddos take their baths, your husband brushes his teeth, and where us girls do our makeup, and because of that, the bathroom is often not seen with a decor mentality. But no more! It’s time to make our bathrooms match our amazing personalities, and it’s time to liven it up with some color! Today, we got some easy yet functional ways to add color to your everyday bathroom essentials!

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Wallpaper: Well it goes without saying that some wallpaper can definitely change things up in the bathroom. Although not necessarily functional, unless you want to cover up a paint color you don’t like, adding wallpaper to your walls is one of the easiest ways to change the decor and style, without doing some major reconstruction. Like I always say, wallpaper comes in so many different textures, colors, and styles, so if you want to quickly liven things up a bit – adding some wallpaper as a feature or to the walls as a whole is a great option!

Mirror: We all have a mirror in our bathroom, and yes guys, we can change the color of the frame of the mirror! I say it like that because I don’t think it’s something we usually consider. Listen, I know it could be bold to make your mirror an accent color, but if you have a very neutral colored bathroom, it will literally transform the space and will work wonders! Plus, wouldn’t you love to look at yourself in a mirror that represents your style and decor? I mean, it will literally be a perfect reflection of who you are and what you like! Looks like double mirror points if you ask me.

Art: Guys, our bathrooms are missing wall art! It’s literally a fact. Believe me, nothing is better than taking a nice bath and being able to look at some beautiful wall art in your bathroom, and it’s often forgotten about because we don’t typically think to add art in our bathrooms! Wall art literally will transform the space depending on the style you go with. If you want a very elegant yet luxurious feel, going with some art that makes you feel that way, is what your bathroom is missing! If you want a very vibrant, and a bathroom that makes you feel more awake, going with art that represents that is the way to go!


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We often forget about how much space the shower curtain takes up. I mean, guys, it is kind of the biggest amount of color in one single space in the bathroom, well not including the walls but you know what I mean. But because it is the biggest space, we have to use it to our colorful advantage – I know, bare with me here. We can easily use the shower curtain to add some color to the space, without changing up a whole lot. There are so many options of shower curtains out there with so many different colors and patterns, and because of this, you can play around until you find the perfect one! If you’re afraid of color but want to add something subtle, starting with the shower curtain is the perfect place to start because you can find one with that shade you’re comfortable with while still going with a colorful pattern that gives you that little extra color. If you want to go all-in, choosing a curtain with mostly one color can also be a great place to start with your new bathroom color transition!


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If you want to add some color but in a very subtle way, choosing colored accessories is the way to go! Now when I say accessories, I kind of mean all the little essential elements of the bathroom – like the soap and lotion dispeners, the toothbrush holder, hand towels, candles… all those little things that don’t take up that much space, but kind of are essential to the bathroom. Starting small with a soap dispenser and adding in soap or lotion in the color you want, can be just the thing to add that bit of color without overdoing it. Placing it on your vanity, and then adding other little accessories along the bathroom to match, like hand towels, or different storage options like toothbrush holders and tissue box holders, can be perfect for that subtle touch of color. To take it further, adding candles that smell great but are also in the color of your accent, is another way to create some functional colored elements for your bathroom!

Plus, painting your vanity an amazing color is also a great way to add color! And, believe it or not, it can be extremely subtle if you do it right!


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Tile: Now, I’m not suggesting to completely transform and rip up your flooring to add some tile into your bathroom, unless you’re ready too and using this blog as a sign to do it, but I am suggesting that if you’re tired of your tile, painting it may be an option for you! I will definitely write a blog in more detail about this, but for now, sometimes adding a pattern with a stencil or going all in and changing the color, can be just the change you need. Check with your local paint store for the paint to use and some tips for the type of tile you have in the meantime. 

Rug: If changing the tile is out of the question, adding some rugs underneath your vanity or when you exit the shower or bath, is a great way to add some color. If your bathroom is lacking in some pattern, going with a patterned rug is definitely the way to go! It kind of just brings everything together, if you ask me. But make sure the rug is fit for a bathroom – with some grip to it and in a material that does well with water! Synthetic rugs are definitely the way to go here, and choosing a low pile in either chenille or cotton, will be best!

Hamper: Although not technically the floor, the hamper is located on the floor, and is definitely a way that you can add some color while staying within the idea of functionality. Hampers can get messy, and choosing a hamper that matches your style and accent color, can actually be a great way to tidy up, because if it looks good, you’ll want to use it. Plus, it will overall become an element that can make your bathroom decor feel connected and complete!

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