It has been a while! Here’s an update!

The last several months have been filled with adventure, fun and lots of crazy! I have taken a break from the blog over the summer to focus on my kids, moving MegMade and getting things in place for this baby to arrive! So many things happened, but here are just a few!


Have you ever seen the movie Zootopia? The scene where the sloths are running the DMV and it is so painful. Well, that is kind of how I felt all summer trying to get our contractor and his people to finish our building. It was painful y’all. I can happily say that after 5 moths (which should have been 6 weeks), we are officially nearly finished. If I can be honest, it was hard to go to work all summer because it slapped me in the face every time I walked in with just how far we had to go. There are definitely some projects that still need to happen, but for now, we are resting our check books and are happy. We need to get our building signage up and do a few cosmetic things, but overall we are there and it feels amazing. Here is a before and after of the building entryway. I am almost finished and then I will do a whole post on the before and after. It was a beast!


Some days it seems to have flown and others time seems to be standing still. Days are long and weeks are fast. I can’t believe this little guy is going to breathe his first breath of air in less than 3 weeks. It is so exciting, but the waiting game is also so hard. I am trying to keep myself distracted these last few weeks so I don’t think to hard about when it is going to happen.  Because Brooks is almost 4, I really didn’t keep much baby stuff, so I have been scrambling around for some of the basics. I feel like a first time mom with all of the new stuff out there…overwhelming.


Wells started school just over a month ago and is loving it. I love summer, but having structure again is just what I needed and to be honest, what he needed too. He and his brother are absolute best friends, but all day everyday together for months is a lot. Towards the end I just couldn’t handle the fighting anymore. School started just in time. I thought I would cry as I sent him off to his first day of Kindergarten, but I didn’t. He walked right in and I was so proud of him. He has such an amazing teacher and loves his school. Here he is the morning of his first day of Kindergarten. He looks just like his dad, doesn’t he?

That is a very small snapshot of the happenings over the last several months. There were some family trips, photoshoots and hard entrepreneur lessons, but these three updates are the ones I want to remember. We are so proud of our kiddos and MegMade is kind of one of them too. Stay tuned for some more detailed posts on the building and more! Feels good to be back at it. I love blogging as it is a reminder to me of where we were, where we are and where we want to go from here.

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